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Frank McCourt
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Malachy believe he lost his job?
(a) He was late to work.
(b) Because he has been drinking on the job.
(c) Because Angela came to his work.
(d) He was not able to perform the duties of the job.

2. What is Peter's punishment when he gets into trouble with his money?
(a) He is grounded.
(b) He has to work extra hours for his mother.
(c) He is locked in the coal hole with the rats.
(d) He cannot have supper for two days.

3. What kind of lessons does Angela decide Frank must take?
(a) Irish dancing lessons.
(b) Reading lessons.
(c) Violin lessons.
(d) Gaelic lessons.

4. What does Peter Dooley want to do when he grows up?
(a) Join the army in America.
(b) Play soccer against Britain.
(c) Become a movie star in Bollywood.
(d) Read the news on the BBC.

5. What do Paddy and Frank eat when they go to Finlan's for lunch?
(a) Potato soup.
(b) They are not fed.
(c) Scraps from last night's dinner.
(d) Bread and jam.

Short Answer Questions

1. Because they do not have bus fare home, where does the family sleep that night?

2. Why is Frank shown more respect by his classmates in Chapter 11?

3. Why doesn't the telegram boy bring a telegram to the family?

4. Where does Malachy meet Angela?

5. Why does Alphie get so upset in Chapter 10?

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