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Frank McCourt
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Angela think Mr. Timoney lost his cleaning woman?
(a) Mr. Timoney did not pay her well enough.
(b) She was in love with another man.
(c) She went to work for Mrs. Finucane.
(d) He had tried to convert her to Buddhism.

2. Why does it seem that Nora Molloy enjoys being taken to the asylum?
(a) She is in love with one of the doctors.
(b) She enjoys the company in the asylum.
(c) Her kids drive her crazy, and she enjoys the break.
(d) She is the only one they have to drag out, because she enjoys the quiet and escape from the "real" world.

3. What is the poem Angela shares with Bridey, "The Man From the North," about?
(a) Angela's uncles in northern Ireland.
(b) Job opportunities up north.
(c) Frank's grandfather.
(d) Angela's happiness with Malachy.

4. Why is the Meagher family too ashamed to go out?
(a) Mrs. Meagher has typhoid.
(b) Mrs. Meagher's sons have behavior problems.
(c) Mrs. Meagher is losing her hair.
(d) Mrs. Meagher's husband did not send home any wages.

5. Why does Margaret get angry with Frank and make him take Galvin's food to the kiln for free?
(a) Frank went to the cinema instead of taking the food.
(b) Frank sold the food.
(c) Frank ate Galvin's food before he got to the kiln.
(d) Frank dropped the food and it wasn't good anymore.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Mr. Downes believe Malachy may be sent back to Ireland in Chapter 9?

2. After Eugene's death in Chapter 2, why does Frank get angry with his father in the pub?

3. When Angela says that God has not been "seen lately in the lanes of Limerick," to what is she referring?

4. What is unusual about Mr. O'Halloran?

5. What does the quote "We don't care about England or France, all we want is the German advance" mean?

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