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Frank McCourt
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do the McCourts get back to Angela's family?
(a) The police take up a collection to pay their bus fare.
(b) The family begs on the street.
(c) Malachy sells his possessions.
(d) Malachy finds a temporary job.

2. In Chapter 2, why does Frank get in trouble with Mr. Benson at school?
(a) He is caught skipping school.
(b) He steals some food from the other children.
(c) He is caught cheating.
(d) He is fighting because the boys were teasing him.

3. Why does Mr. O'Halloran yell at Mr. O'Neill?
(a) Mr. O'Neill should not be teaching fourth graders geometry.
(b) The children are complaining that they have not learned enough science.
(c) There are several books missing from Mr. O'Neill's class.
(d) Mr. O'Neill should not be striking the students.

4. What does Grandma mean when she says that she has "God in me backyard?"
(a) Frank has thrown up his first communion.
(b) The Pope's picture has been left outside in the rain.
(c) The priest has come to visit the family.
(d) Frank has left his prayer book outside.

5. Why is Mr. O'Neill called "Dotty?"
(a) He has a large birthmark on his face.
(b) He is small, like a dot.
(c) He is round, like a dot.
(d) His middle name is "Dot."

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Quigley seem to annoy his teachers?

2. Why does the family move to Roden Lane?

3. When Malachy goes to the IRA office to claim his pension, what is he told?

4. How does Frank earn money from Mr. Timoney?

5. Why does Malachy believe he lost his job?

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