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Frank McCourt
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is the family receiving less money at the beginning of Chapter 3?
(a) Malachy had been drinking away all of the money.
(b) With Angela's new job, the charity feels they do not need as much.
(c) With two less children, the charity gives them less.
(d) There is less money for the charity to give.

2. While at the hospital, what do the doctor's discover about Frank?
(a) He must have his tonsils removed.
(b) He has broken his arm.
(c) He has gained weight.
(d) He has pneumonia.

3. Why do the children at school tease Frank and his brother about their boots?
(a) The boots have holes in them and are falling apart.
(b) They are wearing girls' boots.
(c) Frank's father has mended them using an old tire.
(d) The boots are falling off of them because they are too big.

4. Because they do not have bus fare home, where does the family sleep that night?
(a) At a friend's house.
(b) In the police barracks.
(c) Inside a homeless shelter.
(d) On the street.

5. Why do Philomena, Delia, Mrs. Leibowitz, and Minnie write to Angela's mother?
(a) They want Angela's mother to take care of Frank.
(b) They want Angela's mother to convince Angela to leave Malachy.
(c) They want Angela's mother to come to America to visit.
(d) They want Angela's mother to send money so that Angela and her family can move back to Ireland.

Short Answer Questions

1. When told there is no work in Ireland, Malachy decides to go to Dublin. Why?

2. Why is Angela angry at the end of Chapter 3?

3. After confessing to the priest on his first communion, why does Margaret send Frank back into the confessional?

4. Philomena urges Angela to make sure she doesn't have anymore children. Why?

5. Why does Angela believe that Frank was not accepted as an altar boy?

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