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Frank McCourt
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does the family move to Roden Lane?
(a) The new house is closer to Angela's family.
(b) The old house reminded Angela too much of Eugene.
(c) The old house was flooded.
(d) The new house is less expensive.

2. Why is Frank so understanding when his father is telling Oliver stories about Cuchulain?
(a) Frank has become tired of the stories.
(b) Frank realizes the stories are no longer his.
(c) Oliver is really excited about hearing them.
(d) Oliver is very sick.

3. Why is the family receiving less money at the beginning of Chapter 3?
(a) With two less children, the charity gives them less.
(b) Malachy had been drinking away all of the money.
(c) With Angela's new job, the charity feels they do not need as much.
(d) There is less money for the charity to give.

4. Philomena urges Angela to make sure she doesn't have anymore children. Why?
(a) Malachy has been unfaithful to Angela.
(b) Malachy drinks too much and does not have a job.
(c) Angela is sick and her health would suffer.
(d) There isn't enough room for another child.

5. How does the family get coal for Christmas dinner?
(a) Pa Keating takes the boys to a pub where the owner gives them a bag.
(b) Frank takes a temporary job shoveling coal.
(c) The boys stop and pick up pieces of coal on the side of the road.
(d) Malachy steals coal from the neighbors.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the "Angel on the Seventh Step" bring the family?

2. Once the family rents a room, why are they unable to sleep that first night?

3. Why is Angela and Malachy's first born son not named after his father?

4. Why does Angela insist on going to the Labour Exchange with Malachy after Oliver's death?

5. Why do the children at school tease Frank and his brother about their boots?

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