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Frank McCourt
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 11.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Mr. Hannon encourage Frank to stay in school?
(a) So that he could own a factory.
(b) So that he can make his father proud.
(c) So that he can tutor Mr. Hannon's children.
(d) So that he can eventually leave Ireland.

2. Why does Frank stop working for Mr. Timoney?
(a) Mr. Timoney passes away.
(b) Mr. Timoney is placed in a senior citizens' home.
(c) Frank gets ill and cannot work.
(d) Mr. Timoney finds someone else to work for him.

3. Why is Frank disappointed that his mother is not speaking to his grandmother in Chapter 5?
(a) The family has no one to watch the children.
(b) Angela is in a terrible mood.
(c) She cannot pick them up from school.
(d) They cannot borrow sugar or tea from her.

4. What does Grandpa McCourt send for the new baby?
(a) A bag of potatoes.
(b) New clothes.
(c) Five pounds.
(d) A bag of coal.

5. Why is the Meagher family too ashamed to go out?
(a) Mrs. Meagher has typhoid.
(b) Mrs. Meagher's sons have behavior problems.
(c) Mrs. Meagher's husband did not send home any wages.
(d) Mrs. Meagher is losing her hair.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Angela want Frank to quit his job in Chapter 11?

2. In Chapter 7, what does Malachy make his children promise when he gets them out of bed late at night after drinking?

3. Why is Frank concerned for Mickey's soul?

4. Why does Angela tell her children to stay inside at the beginning of Chapter 9?

5. What is Angela's last resort for feeding the children in Chapter 9?

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