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Frank McCourt
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 11.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Angela says that God has not been "seen lately in the lanes of Limerick," to what is she referring?
(a) Malachy's chronic unemployment.
(b) Frank's bad behavior.
(c) Frank's illness.
(d) Their trip to Limerick.

2. Why does Frank stop working for Mr. Timoney?
(a) Mr. Timoney is placed in a senior citizens' home.
(b) Mr. Timoney finds someone else to work for him.
(c) Mr. Timoney passes away.
(d) Frank gets ill and cannot work.

3. Why does Frank envy the children whose fathers are in England?
(a) They do not see their fathers.
(b) The families usually move to England.
(c) The fathers send home money for food and necessities.
(d) The children get to go visit their fathers.

4. Why is Frank called Blinky at school?
(a) His eyes have an uncontrollable twitch.
(b) He blinks to clean his eyes.
(c) He is tired and falling asleep.
(d) He squints because of the sun.

5. Who is Frank excited to see when he is hospitalized the second time?
(a) Seamus.
(b) Dr. O'Connor.
(c) Nurse Rita.
(d) Mikey.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Mickey die?

2. Why does Angela tell her children to stay inside at the beginning of Chapter 9?

3. What does Frank's teacher tell the boys who teased Frank about his shoes?

4. Why is the family receiving less money at the beginning of Chapter 3?

5. Why is Frank disappointed that his mother is not speaking to his grandmother in Chapter 5?

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