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Frank McCourt
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 11.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Frank spend his tuition money?
(a) At the cinema.
(b) On alcohol at the pub.
(c) On dirty magazines.
(d) At the baseball game.

2. Why does Mr. Hannon need Frank's help at work?
(a) Mr. Hannon has bad legs.
(b) Mr. Hannon has two much work for one person.
(c) Mr. Hannon would like to share his wealth with Frank.
(d) Mr. Hannon cannot get to work at such an early hour.

3. Why does Mr. Hannon encourage Frank to stay in school?
(a) So that he can tutor Mr. Hannon's children.
(b) So that he could own a factory.
(c) So that he can make his father proud.
(d) So that he can eventually leave Ireland.

4. Why doesn't the telegram boy bring a telegram to the family?
(a) Malachy did not send any money home.
(b) Angela and the children were not home to receive it.
(c) The telegram boy was fired.
(d) The telegram boy had the wrong address.

5. What does Grandma think will help Frank's eyes?
(a) Eating an onion boiled in milk.
(b) Closing them for three days.
(c) St. Anthony's spit.
(d) Washing them with salt water.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Michael is sick, how does Frank's father save him?

2. Where does Frank get a job at the end of Chapter 3?

3. Why does Mickey die?

4. What is the poem Angela shares with Bridey, "The Man From the North," about?

5. When Angela says that God has not been "seen lately in the lanes of Limerick," to what is she referring?

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