Angela's Ashes Fun Activities

Frank McCourt
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Family Tree

Create a colorful family tree showing Frank McCourt's lineage. Trace the tree back as far as you can based on what is given in the book.

Cartoon Strip

Choose any chapter in "Angela's Ashes" and create a cartoon strip illustrating what is happening in that chapter.

Chapter 1 Narrative

Rewrite Chapter 1 of "Angela's Ashes" in the first-person point of view of either Angela or Malachy. Describe their feelings coming to America, meeting each other, having their children, and then returning to Ireland.

Ireland Poem

Write a poem about Ireland from Malachy's point of view. Malachy often has his children promise they would "die for Ireland." How does he feel about his birth land?

Chapter Script

Rewrite any chapter of "Angela's Ashes" as a play script, in dialogue form.

America Brochure

Create a travel brochure, in color, emphasizing all of the wonderful things Frank has learned about America...

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