Angela's Ashes Character Descriptions

Frank McCourt
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Mr. Benson

This character is a short-tempered master at Leamy's National School who often hits students with a stick.

Paddy Clohessy

This is the narrator's friend when they are seven years old, who is very poor early on in the book, but later moves to England and works in a pub.

Peter Dooley

This character is known as Quasimodo and dies of consumption.

Mrs. Brigid Finucane

This character employs the narrator to write threatening letters to people who owe money.

Philomena McNamara Flynn

This character is a cousin of the narrator's mother and helps to arrange for the McCourt family to leave Brooklyn and return to Ireland.

Delia McNamara Fortune

This character is sister of one character and a cousin of the narrator's mother.


This character is the narrator's grandmother and dies of pneumonia when the narrator is thirteen.

Laman Griffin

This character is the narrator's mother's...

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