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Short Answer Questions

1. What emergency caused Angela Davis's lawyer to have to leave the prison suddenly?

2. What happened when the truth of the demands that interrupted the trial became known?

3. In what way did Angela Davis identify with the Black Power movement?

4. Who summoned Angela Davis to the courthouse on Sunday morning for the verdict?

5. What happened when security measures were eased on the second day of Angela Davis's trial?

Short Essay Questions

1. What was Franklin Alexander's position on black liberation?

2. What did the prosecution build its case against Angela Davis on?

3. What was the relationship between different black liberation organizations when Angela Davis returned to California?

4. How did Angela Davis's lawyers arrange to get Davis out of solitary confinement?

5. What was Angela Davis's relationship with the Communist Party?

6. What caused the change in venue for Angela Davis's trial?

7. What role did Angela Davis play in the Black Panthers Political Party?

8. What act of terrorism seemed to involve Angela Davis during her trial?

9. How did Angela Davis technically violate the terms of her bail bond?

10. Describe Angela Davis's legal defense team.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Black discourse and use of dialect and non-standard English has established a wide range of possible voices for black thinkers, activists, and artists. Where did Angela Davis position herself in her autobiography? What audience did she want to reach by taking the stance she did?

Essay Topic 2

How were black American Communists different from other Communists around the world? How were their goals similar? How were they opposed? How was the Civil Rights movement irreconcilable with the Communists' goals?

Essay Topic 3

After the Eighth World Festival for Youth and Students, Angela Davis had a vision of universal personhood: she saw the differences between people as smaller than their similarities. How much did her career and experiences bear out her vision of unity that transcended race, class, gender, or other distinguishing characteristics?

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