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Short Answer Questions

1. Why was there a large crowd outside the courthouse on the second day of Angela Davis's trial?

2. How does Angela Davis explain the press's coverage of herself and her co-defendant?

3. What did Angela Davis conclude from the LA police's methods in inciting conflict after the assassination of Martin Luther King?

4. What was Angela Davis supposed to be wearing when she met the people making the demands that disturbed the trial?

5. Whom did the press compare Angela Davis to in coverage of the trial?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where did Angela Davis go after she was free on bail?

2. What did the judge read from at the close of Angela Davis's trial?

3. Describe Angela Davis's experience in London on her way back to America.

4. What happened that allowed Angela Davis to be set free on bail?

5. Whose hands was Angela Davis holding when the verdicts were read?

6. What was Angela Davis's relationship with the Communist Party?

7. What did the prosecution build its case against Angela Davis on?

8. What caused the change in venue for Angela Davis's trial?

9. Describe Angela Davis's legal defense team.

10. What were the three charges against Angela Davis, and what were the three verdicts?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Why had Angela Davis studied in Europe, and why did she ultimately return to the U.S.? What factors influenced her decision to keep herself apart from political events in the U.S., and what made it possible for her to come home and participate in them?

Essay Topic 2

What is the nature of Angela Davis's book? Is it a memoir, or simply topical history that is really only relevant as long as there as interest in her trial? How does the book work as propaganda for the Civil Rights movement? Is it a morality tale? A coming of age tale? What else is it besides a memoir?

Essay Topic 3

In what ways was the Civil Rights movement an American movement, in keeping with the ideals of the founders who fought for freedom? In what ways was their situation unique in American history? What precedents did it have to fight against? What precedents did it establish?

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