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Short Answer Questions

1. Where had the deaths of McClain and Christmas and the other person taken place?

2. Why was Angela Davis arrested in Berlin?

3. What was Angela Davis's family's class status?

4. Who was with Angela Davis when the book begins?

5. How was Angela Davis involved in the police raid on Franklin and Kendra Alexander's apartment?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where was Angela Davis at the beginning of the book, and where was she going?

2. With whom did Angela Davis hide while she was running from the police?

3. Describe the decision that led Angela Davis out of Birmingham.

4. Describe Angela Davis's trip from New York to Helsinki.

5. What was Angela Davis's relationship with America while she was in Europe?

6. What was it like for Angela Davis during the Cuban Missile Crisis?

7. Describe Angela Davis's high school.

8. What was Angela Davis's experience of the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement?

9. What did Angela Davis attribute her current situation to?

10. What was Angela Davis's reaction to Malcolm X?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Was it useful for Angela Davis to see society itself as the culprit in the death of Gregory Clark or others? Or did it diffuse her political activities?

Essay Topic 2

What were the primary reasons for resistance to the Civil Rights movement in America? Who were the primary parties resisting the integration of blacks into equal treatment in society? What were these people's fears, and what did they stand to lose by integration?

Essay Topic 3

How did Angela Davis and others use the media and courtroom trials as political theatre? How were these events theatrical? Who was the audience? What performance did they put on? What was the result of their political theatre?

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