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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why was Angela Davis's legal team dissolved?
(a) Charges against her had been dropped.
(b) She had been released on bail.
(c) The pre-trial work was complete.
(d) She had won a mistrial.

2. How did Angela Davis treat her trial?
(a) As a platform for her opinions.
(b) As a chance to catch the system in its lies.
(c) As coordinated with the movement in the streets.
(d) As a chance to promote herself within the Students Non-violent Coordinating Committee.

3. What was Angela Davis supposed to be wearing when she met the people making the demands that disturbed the trial?
(a) A black dress.
(b) A white dress.
(c) A black hair wrap.
(d) A black scarf.

4. What options did Angela Davis's legal team have after the second day of the trial?
(a) Enter a plea bargain or hope for less than one conviction.
(b) Ask the judge to recuse himself or file for a mistrial.
(c) Apply for a mistrial or choose another jury.
(d) Petition for relocation or enter a plea bargain.

5. What did Angela Davis learn on March 27 when the jury recessed for lunch?
(a) That Angela Davis's trial would be relocated.
(b) That charges against Angela Davis had been dropped.
(c) That George Jackson had been murdered.
(d) That the Soledad brothers had been acquitted.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happened when security measures were eased on the second day of Angela Davis's trial?

2. How would you characterize the relationship between the different organizations in the black movement?

3. In what way did Angela Davis identify with the Black Power movement?

4. What did the People's Tribunal Committee do after the murder of Gregory Clark?

5. How did the judges handle Angela Davis's case?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the lunch Angela Davis had while the jury was deliberating.

2. What act of terrorism seemed to involve Angela Davis during her trial?

3. Describe the conditions when Angela Davis arrived in the Santa Clara jail.

4. Who was Gregory Clark, and what influence did he have on Angela Davis's life?

5. Describe the genesis of the book Angela Davis wrote from prison.

6. What was the relationship between different black liberation organizations when Angela Davis returned to California?

7. How did Angela Davis's lawyers arrange to get Davis out of solitary confinement?

8. What did the judge read from at the close of Angela Davis's trial?

9. What was Franklin Alexander's position on black liberation?

10. What did Angela Davis and her legal team learn about the Soledad Brothers during her trial?

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