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Echo Park

This location is an area of Los Angeles, California where Angela Davis hid out with Helen. It is where the book opens.

West Adams

This location was a black area of Los Angeles where there was a hideout house used by Angela.


This location was the home of David Poindexter and a place where Angela hid.

New York City

This location was where Angela and David Poindexter were arrested by the FBI.


This location was the narrator's birthplace.

Marengo County

This location was where the narrator's family farm was located and where her paternal grandparents lived.

Waltham, Massachusetts

This location was where Angela had a full scholarship for college.

Frankfurt, Germany

This location was where Angela attended graduate school.


This location, at the time of Angela's visit, was divided into East and West.

San Diego

This location was where Angela went when she...

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