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Lesson 1 (from Part 1, Nets)


Part 1, Nets

This first lesson starts with the writing itself, which is engaging and compelling as it describes the tense situation of Davis's flight. This lesson discusses Davis autobiography from a literary perspective.


1. Close Reading: Look carefully at the opening paragraphs of Davis's memoir. Pay close attention to the setting and timing, as she sets the scene of the story of her life. What does she gain by starting with this moment in time?

2. Compare and Contrast: Compare and contrast Davis's language with standard English usage. Where does she depart from standard usage? How do you account for her deviations from standard English? How would you characterize the literary personality she presents? Does she portray herself as an intellectual, a radical, a victim, or a character in a political thriller?

3. Class Discussion: Davis is in flight because of her political activities in the Civil Rights...

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