Angela Davis Character Descriptions

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Angela Davis

This person attended graduate school in Germany, studying philosophy, and finished graduate work in San Diego at the University of California.

Franklin Alexander

This person, a member of the Communist Party, was involved with the demonstrations protesting the raiding of the Black Panther office and stood by the narrator throughout her whole ordeal.

David Poindexter

This person was a friend of the narrator's who had been living in Chicago, and helped the narrator in her flight from the police.

Bettina Aptheker

This person was a friend of the narrator's from New York high school days: they had both belonged to Advance.

Ruchell Magee

This person was a co-defendant in the kidnapping and murder case.

Herbert Marcuse

This person was a professor of philosophy at Brandeis who had come to the United States and established an institute with other intellectuals.

Kendra Alexander

This person helped introduce the...

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