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Part 1, Nets

• Angela Davis' autobiography begins with Davis going into hiding from the police.
• Davis was wanted in connection with a shooting at the Marin County Courthouse, where Jonathan Jackson and two guards were killed.
• David Poindexter took Davis in, and they traveled together, trying to stay below the radar.
• In New York, the police caught up with them, and they were arrested.
• After originally being located in the mental ward, Davis was moved to the general population, and then extradited to California.

Part 2, Rocks

• Angela Davis's account of her childhood begins with her family's move to a boundary neighborhood fraught with racial tension and violence.
• When her mother took classes in New York, though, Davis saw a more accepting world that might be free of racism.
• Davis's parents both worked, so she was "not-so-poor" and gave money to poorer children.
• As a child, Davis was outspoken if...

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