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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Tempests, XII- XVII, pp. 103-132.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is man obsessed with, according to "The Diver"?
(a) Time and space.
(b) Money and space.
(c) Time and money.
(d) Appearance and time.

2. What happens in time for the guests to leave the dinner party?
(a) The champagne is gone.
(b) The snow stops.
(c) The rain stops.
(d) The fire dies.

3. What does Soerensen operate in "Tempests"?
(a) A traveling theater troupe.
(b) Heavy machinery.
(c) A dance company.
(d) A theatre.

4. What day does Ardnt receive his letter of farewell from Madam Ross's daughter?
(a) Friday.
(b) Tuesday.
(c) Thursday.
(d) Wednesday.

5. What does the General want to figure out for himself at the celebratory dinner?
(a) If Martine is still pretty,
(b) If he made the right choice in abandoning Martine.
(c) If he chose the right bride.
(d) If Phillipa is now prettier than Martine.

Short Answer Questions

1. What anniversary are the two women celebrating in "Babette's Feast"?

2. Where does Saufe live?

3. What has Soerensen lost after his ship wrecks?

4. Where do Martine and Phillipa live?

5. Who recalls growing up in poverty while they look at Ferdinand?

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