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The Diver, pp. 3-18

• The Diver, pp. 3-18

• In "The Diver", the protagonist, Saufe is a young student of the Koran in the town Shiraz.

• He often goes to the woods to collect feather's of birds in which he assembles into wings to fly.

• The elders of this city begin to look down on Saufe's habits and send someone to put a stop to it.

• Thusmu, the dancer is sent to Saufe to tell him he does not need wings to fly like an angel.

• Later, Saufe learns that his wings have been destroyed and the dancer, Thusmu returns for her pay.

• After Thusmu destroys Saufe's wings, Saufe is never seen in Shiraz again.

• The teller, Mira Jama travels to the seashore years later to collect pearls from the ocean where many divers do so.

• One diver, Elnazred is particularly successful and the two begin a conversation by...

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