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Short Answer Questions

1. On what former scientific belief did Leavitt base his rule of 48?

2. What does Stone see when he turns on the scope?

3. What does Stone do when they find the message?

4. Who wakes Mark Hall up his first morning at the Wildfire lab?

5. What happens when Hall runs to the door?

Short Essay Questions

1. In the conference room in Chapter 12, Dr. Stone talks about a man named Rudolph Karp. Who is Karp? Why does Stone discuss him?

2. Describe the study Leavitt uses as the basis for his rule of 48.

3. Why is Mark Hall's reaction to the female computer voice important?

4. What do you think Montaigne meant by the quote "Men under stress are fools, and fool themselves." in relationship to the behavior of the men at Wildfire?

5. Describe the first exploration of the satellite. What did the men do? What did they find?

6. Describe Dr. Hall's first meeting with Peter Jackson. What does Jackson look like? What does Hall do?

7. What does Hall realize about Andromeda when thinking about Jackson's acidosis?

8. Why is uncontrolled bacterial growth is a frightening concept?

9. After knowing about the baby's blood pH and Jackson's blood pH, what does Hall figure out?

10. What is the real mission of Scoop? What do the scientist do when they find out?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The process of "decontaminating" the body is almost inherently self-hating. It is as if Jeremy Stone, who designed the Wildfire decontamination process, believes human bodies are loathsome and dirty. Visualize a world where everyone thought this. How would humans interact? What type of emotions do you think humans would develop? How would reproduction occur? If you stepped into a world in the future where the human body was considered loathsome and dirty, where no one would get close to another person, how would you feel? What would you do?

Essay Topic 2

The folly of trusting automated processing above human supervision is first shown by the printer jam early in the book, and yet many of our systems, from communications to financial are automated or at least depend heavily upon computers and other machines. Do you think it's reasonable for humans to rely so heavily upon "machines?" Describe the advantages and disadvantages of such a dependence.

Essay Topic 3

Describe Dr. Stone. Do you like him? How does his personality coincide with the job he has to do? Is he someone you would trust with your life? Do you think he makes a good addition to the Wildfire team? Why or why not?

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