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Short Answer Questions

1. What does the spectrometer show about the composition of the Andromeda strain?

2. How is the center core protected, level to level?

3. For what reason do the men decide some of the Piedmont people seemed to have committed suicide?

4. What the main hypothesis the men have about why Scoop fell out of orbit?

5. How will the scientist work on the satellite?

Short Essay Questions

1. As Stone and Hall figure out the Ph situation, the warning bells go off. Why?

2. Write about some of the mistakes the scientists made when dealing with Andromeda.

3. What did Manchek find about the wreck of the plane?

4. How did the Scoop satellite end up on earth? What do the scientist think?

5. When Hall realizes why Jackson is alive, what does he figure out about the baby?

6. How does Hall finally find out about Leavitt's epilepsy and what does he do about it?

7. Describe the study Leavitt uses as the basis for his rule of 48.

8. What do the x-ray crystallography results show about Andromeda?

9. How did Andromeda infect the town of Piedmont?

10. Write about the men of Wildfire and their motivations for finding the cure for Wildfire.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What do you think is the meaning of this phrase: "Especially in the United States, consumers decide what technology is worthy of purchase." How does your life illustrate that idea? Do you think the idea would be meaningless in a much more technologically-lower country? Why?

Essay Topic 2

Describe the atmosphere inside the Wildfire lab. Did the men like each other? With the work they are doing does it matter if they like each other? How did they treat the staff? How did they feel about Wildfire?

Essay Topic 3

In this book the government had several "top secret" projects of which few of its citizens were knowledgeable. Do you think this is okay for the government to do? Do you believe that the government should keep secrets from the people? Why or why not? Do you think the government should have first access to all technology? Why or why not?

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