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Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Hall think the baby's survival and the birds' survival are related?

2. When Hall realizes the reason for Jackson's and the baby's survival what does he do?

3. What have these home remedies done to Jackson?

4. What do they do when they realize a nuclear detonation in Piedmont will provide Andromeda with a limitless supply of energy?

5. What does the spectrometer show about the composition of the Andromeda strain?

Short Essay Questions

1. The scientist are not bad men. It would be easy to see them that way. How does the narrator see them? Or the reader?

2. Leavitt has a dream about a house. When he wakens he believes it has an answer to Andromeda. Describe the dream and his thoughts and reactions to the dream.

3. Write about the men of Wildfire and their motivations for finding the cure for Wildfire.

4. Write about some of the mistakes the scientists made when dealing with Andromeda.

5. What did Manchek find about the wreck of the plane?

6. How did Andromeda infect the town of Piedmont?

7. As Stone and Hall figure out the Ph situation, the warning bells go off. Why?

8. What kinds of animals are used in research? What do various animals do best? Why is the Black Norway Rat used most often in scientific experiments?

9. Describe Dr. Hall's first meeting with Peter Jackson. What does Jackson look like? What does Hall do?

10. What do the x-ray crystallography results show about Andromeda?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Pretend that the Andromeda Strain was engineered by aliens and sent to earth. Why do you think aliens would do that?

Essay Topic 2

Did this book hold your interest throughout? How? Why? If not, why? Describe what parts interested you the most and any parts you thought were boring. Did you foresee the end long before it came? How?

Essay Topic 3

In this book the government had several "top secret" projects of which few of its citizens were knowledgeable. Do you think this is okay for the government to do? Do you believe that the government should keep secrets from the people? Why or why not? Do you think the government should have first access to all technology? Why or why not?

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