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Short Answer Questions

1. In Delta sector on Level I, a man sits before a giant communications console. What is his job?

2. What does Stone ask Manchek to call for to take care of the danger at Piedmont?

3. What does Lt. Shawn do as he approaches Piedmont?

4. What is Caper One?

5. Who is in the van with Lt. Shawn?

Short Essay Questions

1. Write about the narrator. What is his purpose? How is his purpose carried out?

2. Why is Mark Hall's reaction to the female computer voice important?

3. What were the two things Stone and Burton knew when they landed in Piedmont?

4. When he knows about Andromeda's weakness what action does Hall take with Dr. Burton in the biopsy lab?

5. What is Jagger's job and what does he say about the reconnoiter photos and what they show.

6. Already, by chapter 4, the reader can tell this is a technical narrative. How does the author handle the technology?

7. In Chapter 3, the narrator discusses the nature of crisis from a historical perspective. What does he have to say about the nature of crisis?

8. Describe Hall's efforts to turn off the self-destruct.

9. Describe the Odd Man Hypothesis. Do you think it's a good idea?

10. After knowing about the baby's blood pH and Jackson's blood pH, what does Hall figure out?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

What do you believe this book is saying about scientific advancements? Do you agree with that view point?

Essay Topic 2

In this book the government had several "top secret" projects of which few of its citizens were knowledgeable. Do you think this is okay for the government to do? Do you believe that the government should keep secrets from the people? Why or why not? Do you think the government should have first access to all technology? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 3

Describe Dr. Burton. Do you think he made too many mistakes to stay on the Wildfire team? Why or why not?

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