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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Hall think the baby's survival and the birds' survival are related?
(a) their rapid breathing
(b) they are both hungry all the time
(c) they both have big mouths
(d) they have small bodies

2. What does Stone do to help Burton in the autopsy room when he's been exposed to Andromeda?
(a) nothing, he doesn't know what to do
(b) coating the walls with antibiotics
(c) pumping oxygen into the room to inhibit the spread of Andromeda
(d) spraying the room with bleach

3. What does Hall think about Burton's fear?
(a) The idea of being scared to death is somehow the answer
(b) that he'd be afraid too, in that position
(c) that he's a whimp
(d) that the man shouldn't have gone into this kind of work

4. Who wakes Mark Hall up his first morning at the Wildfire lab?
(a) a maid comes in to clean the room
(b) a seductive, female voice
(c) Dr. Stone calls him on the phone
(d) an alarm clock he set the previous night

5. Why are black Norway rats used in labs?
(a) because black hides dirt and blood
(b) because they're very calm rats
(c) because they're the cheapest ones available
(d) all black Norway rats are physically alike

Short Answer Questions

1. For what reason do the men decide some of the Piedmont people seemed to have committed suicide?

2. When a training pilot crashes after flying above the Piedmont area, what do they find at the plane?

3. While running to the autopsy room, Hall notices that Leavitt appears to be in a trance. Why does he appear that way?

4. Now that Jackson is awake, what does he tell Hall about the baby?

5. How many ligamine darts hits Hall before he gets to level 4?

Short Essay Questions

1. Write about the men of Wildfire and their motivations for finding the cure for Wildfire.

2. Why is Mark Hall's reaction to the female computer voice important?

3. Write about some of the mistakes the scientists made when dealing with Andromeda.

4. How did the Scoop satellite end up on earth? What do the scientist think?

5. What kinds of animals are used in research? What do various animals do best? Why is the Black Norway Rat used most often in scientific experiments?

6. What do you think Montaigne meant by the quote "Men under stress are fools, and fool themselves." in relationship to the behavior of the men at Wildfire?

7. Describe the study Leavitt uses as the basis for his rule of 48.

8. What is the real mission of Scoop? What do the scientist do when they find out?

9. As Stone and Hall figure out the Ph situation, the warning bells go off. Why?

10. Describe the crash scene of the military jet to which Major Manchek travels . What does it look like? What does he find?

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