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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How often do the doctors get together to discuss results?
(a) every twelve hours
(b) once every four hours
(c) every day
(d) they never get together, each man is responsible for his own area

2. There is a lab rat in the room with Dr. Burton, what do Stone and Hall notice about it?
(a) it's white instead of black
(b) it's dead
(c) it has blood running from its nose
(d) it's still alive

3. When Burton is still alive, but breathing fast from fear what does Hall do?
(a) he relaxes a moment and sits down
(b) he leaves to go check on Leavitt
(c) Hall returns to his lab and stares at Peter Jackson through the glass
(d) he tells Stone he's going to the men's room

4. How many ligamine darts hits Hall before he gets to level 4?
(a) six
(b) two
(c) three
(d) one

5. What does Jackson say to Hall when Hall wakes him?
(a) tells him he doesn't need a doctor
(b) he doesn't talk to him
(c) tells him the baby's mother's name
(d) tells him to go away

Short Answer Questions

1. What seems to produce the best growth in Andromeda?

2. What does Stone see when he turns on the scope?

3. Now that Jackson is awake, what does he tell Hall about the baby?

4. What message have the men received without their knowledge, that they find by accident?

5. What happens when Burton gives some live rats anti-coagulant to prevent blood clotting then exposes them?

Short Essay Questions

1. Write about the men of Wildfire and their motivations for finding the cure for Wildfire.

2. What does Hall realize about Andromeda when thinking about Jackson's acidosis?

3. When he knows about Andromeda's weakness what action does Hall take with Dr. Burton in the biopsy lab?

4. When Hall realizes why Jackson is alive, what does he figure out about the baby?

5. What kinds of animals are used in research? What do various animals do best? Why is the Black Norway Rat used most often in scientific experiments?

6. As Stone and Hall figure out the Ph situation, the warning bells go off. Why?

7. What did Manchek find about the wreck of the plane?

8. Describe the first exploration of the satellite. What did the men do? What did they find?

9. Write about some of the mistakes the scientists made when dealing with Andromeda.

10. Leavitt has a dream about a house. When he wakens he believes it has an answer to Andromeda. Describe the dream and his thoughts and reactions to the dream.

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