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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who wakes Mark Hall up his first morning at the Wildfire lab?
(a) a maid comes in to clean the room
(b) an alarm clock he set the previous night
(c) a seductive, female voice
(d) Dr. Stone calls him on the phone

2. What will Hall wear to examine the two survivors of Piedmont?
(a) a full body glove
(b) his level 5 coveralls
(c) an astronaut's suit
(d) latex gloves and surgical mask

3. What's the first test Burton does on the two dead lab animals?
(a) breathing test to make sure they're dead
(b) a nerve reflex test
(c) a blood test
(d) vector experiments to determine how the mysterious disease is transmitted

4. What is the men's theory about Andromeda and blood vessels?
(a) Andromeda strengthens blood vessels
(b) Andromeda doesn't live well in blood vessels
(c) Andromeda attacks the blood vessel walls directly
(d) Andromeda burrows in the blood vessels

5. What does Stone do when they find the message?
(a) calls the president's advisor to try to talk him into initiating directive 7-12 immediately
(b) rips it up and throws it in the trash
(c) shruggs his shoulders and quotes politics
(d) asks the others what they should do

Short Answer Questions

1. Stone yells at Hall when the self-destruct is announced. What does he tell him?

2. What happens when Hall runs to the door?

3. Where are the laboratories and equipment rooms that they will be using on level 5?

4. What does Hall and Stone figure out when they hear the announcement about the gaskets?

5. What happens as soon as more gaskets are discovered to be damaged?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did the Scoop satellite end up on earth? What do the scientist think?

2. Describe the crash scene of the military jet to which Major Manchek travels . What does it look like? What does he find?

3. What kinds of animals are used in research? What do various animals do best? Why is the Black Norway Rat used most often in scientific experiments?

4. Why is uncontrolled bacterial growth is a frightening concept?

5. How did Andromeda infect the town of Piedmont?

6. What did Manchek find about the wreck of the plane?

7. What does Hall realize about Andromeda when thinking about Jackson's acidosis?

8. After knowing about the baby's blood pH and Jackson's blood pH, what does Hall figure out?

9. The scientist are not bad men. It would be easy to see them that way. How does the narrator see them? Or the reader?

10. Describe Dr. Hall's first meeting with Peter Jackson. What does Jackson look like? What does Hall do?

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