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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How often do the doctors get together to discuss results?
(a) every twelve hours
(b) every day
(c) they never get together, each man is responsible for his own area
(d) once every four hours

2. Jackson tells Hall he has a medical problem. What is it?
(a) he has thin blood
(b) he says he just getting old
(c) he has an ulcer, which he has had for two years
(d) he says he has an old war wound

3. What does Hall do as he finishes turning his key in the level 4 substation?
(a) he jumps up and down and sings
(b) he calmly returns to level 5
(c) he grabs a nurse and kisses her
(d) he slides down the wall unconscious

4. There is another way for Hall to reach a substation. What is it?
(a) taking an elevator to level 4
(b) going through the ventilation shafts
(c) climbing to another level through the central core
(d) going up the outside of the lab

5. Too whom does the female voice on the intercom belong?
(a) no one, it's computer simulated
(b) one of the secretaries from level 1
(c) Dr. Stone's wife
(d) a sixty-three year old woman from Omaha, named Gladys Stevens

Short Answer Questions

1. When Burton is still alive, but breathing fast from fear what does Hall do?

2. What did Stone and Leavitt find in the satellite?

3. When a training pilot crashes after flying above the Piedmont area, what do they find at the plane?

4. Why are black Norway rats used in labs?

5. What does Burton's tests determine about the dead bodies?

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