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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do they do when they realize a nuclear detonation in Piedmont will provide Andromeda with a limitless supply of energy?
(a) start screaming at each other
(b) faint dead away
(c) cry
(d) call off the directive 7-12 to nuke Piedmont

2. How often do the doctors get together to discuss results?
(a) once every four hours
(b) they never get together, each man is responsible for his own area
(c) every twelve hours
(d) every day

3. On what former scientific belief did Leavitt base his rule of 48?
(a) the earth revolves around the sun
(b) it is impossible to put any object into outer space
(c) the earth is flat
(d) science's once irrevocable conclusion that the human body contains forty-eight chromosomes

4. What does the Wildfire team believe about the origin of the Scoop contamination?
(a) they come to believe it is an alien life form
(b) that the contamination happened before the satellite left earth
(c) there is no contamination; nothing can live in space
(d) the contamination has earth germs that mutated

5. What bothers Hall about the substations that will turn off a self-destruct?
(a) they're spaced too close together
(b) that he could be sealed off in a section without a substation
(c) it takes too much time to insert the key
(d) they're painted red

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Hall race back to the autopsy room to stop?

2. What does Burton's tests determine about the dead bodies?

3. Why does Hall think the baby's survival and the birds' survival are related?

4. Based on the a Millipore filter size what does Burton conclude?

5. Where are the laboratories and equipment rooms that they will be using on level 5?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is uncontrolled bacterial growth is a frightening concept?

2. How did Andromeda infect the town of Piedmont?

3. As Stone and Hall figure out the Ph situation, the warning bells go off. Why?

4. When Hall realizes why Jackson is alive, what does he figure out about the baby?

5. Describe the crash scene of the military jet to which Major Manchek travels . What does it look like? What does he find?

6. Write about the men of Wildfire and their motivations for finding the cure for Wildfire.

7. Leavitt has a dream about a house. When he wakens he believes it has an answer to Andromeda. Describe the dream and his thoughts and reactions to the dream.

8. What kinds of animals are used in research? What do various animals do best? Why is the Black Norway Rat used most often in scientific experiments?

9. After knowing about the baby's blood pH and Jackson's blood pH, what does Hall figure out?

10. Describe the first exploration of the satellite. What did the men do? What did they find?

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