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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In communications, why does Captain Morris check for computer malfunctions?
(a) he's suspicious, because the bell has not rung for some time to signal an incoming communication
(b) he thought he heard the bell ring
(c) he's just doing his job
(d) it's time for him to go off shift

2. What does Stone see when he turns on the scope?
(a) a long, stringy virus
(b) a densely packed blob with no real edges
(c) a perfect six-sided hexagon, interlocked with other equally perfect hexagons on each side
(d) a molecue in the shape of a triangle

3. What have these home remedies done to Jackson?
(a) made him a drug addict
(b) created acidosis, or excess acidity in the body
(c) made him insane
(d) has aged him before his time

4. What happens as soon as more gaskets are discovered to be damaged?
(a) they use caulk to seal off the areas
(b) they focus ultrviolet lights on the doors
(c) they decide to evacuate
(d) the self-destruct sequence begins

5. What does the spectrometer show about the composition of the Andromeda strain?
(a) it is not alive
(b) it's radioactive
(c) it has carbon and silicon in it
(d) it resembles earthly organic life

Short Answer Questions

1. Why are black Norway rats used in labs?

2. What does Hall find out about Andromeda from the Ph level report?

3. What does the Wildfire team believe about the origin of the Scoop contamination?

4. Why does Hall think the baby's survival and the birds' survival are related?

5. Stone yells at Hall when the self-destruct is announced. What does he tell him?

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