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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Major Arthur Manchek?
(a) advisor to the president on the Scoop project
(b) the man who came up with the Wildfire idea
(c) the air force officer who flew a jet over Piedmont
(d) Chief Duty Officer and man in charge of all Scoop Project activities

2. What do the officers give Stone when they get in the car?
(a) a file on the crisis
(b) a file on Wildfire
(c) a handgun
(d) a telephone to call other scientist

3. What does Hall believe about the possibility of a real Wildfire crisis?
(a) he can't think of any reason he would be helpful in that type of work
(b) he believes the project is theoretical and never expects to be called
(c) he doesn't believe any bacteria could survive space
(d) he doesn't think the US is capable of space travel

4. How does Leavitt feel about Wildfire?
(a) he's skeptical that it is necessary
(b) he's indifferent
(c) he is fascinated with Wildfire and excited to be working on it
(d) he misses his wife and wishes he hadn't been called

5. What does Lt. Shawn do as he approaches Piedmont?
(a) leaves his radio on after calling in
(b) turns off his headlights so no one can see him
(c) pulls on a biological agent suit
(d) stops and tells Private Crane to get out and wait for him on the hill

Short Answer Questions

1. Dr. Stone heads to Piedmont with another scientist. Who is he?

2. How does Manchek contact Wildfire?

3. What is the population of Piedmont, Arizona?

4. What did Merrick theorize?

5. What does Project Wildfire do?

Short Essay Questions

1. Write a description of Piedmont from Lieutenant Shawn's perspective looking from above.

2. Describe what the Wildfire lab looks like on first approach.

3. Already, by chapter 4, the reader can tell this is a technical narrative. How does the author handle the technology?

4. What is it about the narration, the characters and the plot thus revealed that makes you want to read further?

5. Write about the procedure the three planes used to look at and take pictures of Piedmont and the capability of the scavenger spy plane.

6. Write about the narrator. What is his purpose? How is his purpose carried out?

7. Why does Stone believe the Wildfire lab has "the capability to deal with an unknown biologic agent."?

8. Describe what happens at Dr. Stone's house when he's called for Wildfire.

9. Describe the chain of events, in Stone's mind that has lead up to project Wildfire.

10. What is Jagger's job and what does he say about the reconnoiter photos and what they show.

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