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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Lt. Comroe at mission control do when told about the bodies?
(a) starts to shake and runs out of the room
(b) calls for a security lock down
(c) calls his sister and tells her to get out of Arizona
(d) faints

2. How does Stone feel about Hall's appointment?
(a) he's indifferent to it
(b) he's happy and enthusiastic about it
(c) he's decided fate must have a reason
(d) it's against his wishes

3. In what configuration is the Wildfire lab built?
(a) five underground levels connected by a central core
(b) in a pentagon, like the one in Washington
(c) as a skyscraper
(d) it looks like a large ranch

4. What does their nighttime surveillance reveal?
(a) all the houses are lit up
(b) a pack of dogs are barking at a door
(c) no activity in the town
(d) a big town party in the center of town

5. What does Dr. Stone tell his wife as he leaves?
(a) that it's an emergency epidemic and to pack her bag
(b) that there must be some mistake, he'll go clear it up
(c) that he'd see her tomorrow
(d) that he will be gone for an indefinite number of weeks

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Burton and Stone's working hypothesis about the killer in Piedmont?

2. After going to code red, what does Manchek do?

3. Why do the two men have radio-directional equipment on the van?

4. What did Merrick theorize?

5. What does Dr. Hall notice about Dr. Leavitt as they get in the sedan that was sent for them?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe what happens at Dr. Stone's house when he's called for Wildfire.

2. Describe Dr. Burton as he rides in the helicopter with Dr. Stone going to Piedmont. Tell a little of his background in science.

3. What is Jagger's job and what does he say about the reconnoiter photos and what they show.

4. Write about the procedure the three planes used to look at and take pictures of Piedmont and the capability of the scavenger spy plane.

5. The author states his theme that crises are made up of human personalities. How does he introduce his characters?

6. What is it about the narration, the characters and the plot thus revealed that makes you want to read further?

7. Describe what the Wildfire lab looks like on first approach.

8. Why does Stone believe the Wildfire lab has "the capability to deal with an unknown biologic agent."?

9. Describe Major Arthur Manchek.

10. What decontamination processes do the men go through on Level 2, 3 and 4?

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