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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the white spots on Jagger's film indicate?
(a) that the camera picked up the flares on the ground
(b) solar flares occuring
(c) human bodies, dead or alive
(d) that water fell on the film

2. What does Manchek do after he finishes the call with Jagger?
(a) goes to bed
(b) decides to call for a state of emergency
(c) takes his dog for a walk
(d) meets his wife for breakfast

3. What does Stone ask Manchek to call for to take care of the danger at Piedmont?
(a) a limited thermo-nuclear strike to sanitize the area
(b) a thousand ultraviolet lights
(c) a load of pesticides to spray on Piedmont
(d) the National Guard

4. When over the town, Stone and Burton see buzzards eating the bodies. What do they do?
(a) they drop a net to capture one of the birds
(b) drop gas canisters to kill the birds
(c) they don't do anything
(d) fly by low to scare the buzzards away

5. What does Hall do about his appointment to Wildfire?
(a) he asks for all the information so he can keep abreast of new developments
(b) he demands to appoint a friend of his to the project
(c) he demands more money than the government is offering
(d) nothing, he has never taken his commitment to Wildfire seriously

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Project Wildfire do?

2. What is the population of Piedmont, Arizona?

3. When they arrive at Piedmont, what do Burton and Stone do first?

4. How does Manchek contact Wildfire?

5. What is Caper One?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are the protocols Leavitt personally put into place for Wildfire?

2. What were the two things Stone and Burton knew when they landed in Piedmont?

3. Describe the chain of events, in Stone's mind that has lead up to project Wildfire.

4. The author states his theme that crises are made up of human personalities. How does he introduce his characters?

5. What does Manchek do after reviewing the intelligence with Jagger?

6. How is Wildfire put into action by Manchek's phone call?

7. What is it about the narration, the characters and the plot thus revealed that makes you want to read further?

8. Describe what the Wildfire lab looks like on first approach.

9. In Chapter 3, the narrator discusses the nature of crisis from a historical perspective. What does he have to say about the nature of crisis?

10. Describe what happens at Dr. Stone's house when he's called for Wildfire.

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