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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the officers give Stone when they get in the car?
(a) a file on the crisis
(b) a file on Wildfire
(c) a telephone to call other scientist
(d) a handgun

2. Where is Mission Control for Project Scoop located?
(a) Vandenberg Airforce Base
(b) Washington, D.C.
(c) NASA headquarters in Birmingham
(d) Ft. Sill, Oklahoma

3. How does the President respond to Stone's request for a directive 7-12?
(a) calls for a TNT strike instead
(b) he doesn't know what directive 7-12 is
(c) he orders it to be done as soon as Stone is out of Piedmont
(d) decides to postpone Manchek's request for forty-eight hours

4. After going to code red, what does Manchek do?
(a) calls the President of the United States
(b) hesitates before making his next move
(c) takes a helicopter to Piedmont
(d) calls out the National Guard

5. What do the personnel in the lab have to do to go to level 5?
(a) personnel are required to undergo stringent decontamination and quarantine procedures
(b) take a shower and put on scrubs
(c) get on the elevator and push the button
(d) strip off their clothes and ride to level five naked

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Lt. Shawn looking at with a pair of binoculars at the start of the book?

2. What does Hall believe about the possibility of a real Wildfire crisis?

3. What do the white spots on Jagger's film indicate?

4. What concerned Merrick about alien encounters?

5. Who do they find alive in the town?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the chain of events, in Stone's mind that has lead up to project Wildfire.

2. Write about the procedure the three planes used to look at and take pictures of Piedmont and the capability of the scavenger spy plane.

3. What is Lieutenant Roger Shawn doing at the beginning of the book?

4. What decontamination processes do the men go through on Level 2, 3 and 4?

5. What is it about the narration, the characters and the plot thus revealed that makes you want to read further?

6. Write about the first pages of the book and what the author does to grab the reader's attention.

7. In Chapter 3, the narrator discusses the nature of crisis from a historical perspective. What does he have to say about the nature of crisis?

8. How is Wildfire put into action by Manchek's phone call?

9. Write about the narrator. What is his purpose? How is his purpose carried out?

10. What does Manchek do after reviewing the intelligence with Jagger?

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