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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Caper One?
(a) the name of Lt. Shawn's mission
(b) the name of the Scoop satellite's mission
(c) the name of Lt. Shawn's german shepard
(d) a set-up to catch a drug dealer

2. On Jagger's film, one of the white images is in motion. What does that mean?
(a) the pilot went too fast when he shot the film
(b) there is a survivor
(c) the camera moved when it shot the picture
(d) there is a very large buzzard flying at almost ground level

3. What does Lt. Comroe at mission control do when told about the bodies?
(a) calls for a security lock down
(b) calls his sister and tells her to get out of Arizona
(c) faints
(d) starts to shake and runs out of the room

4. After going to code red, what does Manchek do?
(a) calls out the National Guard
(b) calls the President of the United States
(c) hesitates before making his next move
(d) takes a helicopter to Piedmont

5. Why was Hall, a surgeon, chosen for the team?
(a) because they needed one medical doctor
(b) officials who believe in The Odd Man Hypothesis wanted him
(c) because he had a great personality
(d) because they needed one scientist who wasn't married

Short Answer Questions

1. What do they see in the sky over Piedmont?

2. Who do they find alive in the town?

3. What briefing does Manchek think about when reviewing what Jagger has told him?

4. What does Lt. Shawn do as he approaches Piedmont?

5. What does Jagger conclude about the white spots, based on the temperature?

Short Essay Questions

1. Write about the first pages of the book and what the author does to grab the reader's attention.

2. The author states his theme that crises are made up of human personalities. How does he introduce his characters?

3. What decontamination processes do the men go through on Level 2, 3 and 4?

4. Describe what happens at Dr. Stone's house when he's called for Wildfire.

5. What is Jagger's job and what does he say about the reconnoiter photos and what they show.

6. Describe Dr. Burton as he rides in the helicopter with Dr. Stone going to Piedmont. Tell a little of his background in science.

7. Describe what the Wildfire lab looks like on first approach.

8. What were the two things Stone and Burton knew when they landed in Piedmont?

9. Explain why the government agreed to extend funds and build Wildfire?

10. On level 1 what does Stone tell the men when he briefs them about the Wildfire lab?

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