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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the men's theory about Andromeda and blood vessels?
(a) Andromeda doesn't live well in blood vessels
(b) Andromeda attacks the blood vessel walls directly
(c) Andromeda strengthens blood vessels
(d) Andromeda burrows in the blood vessels

2. What is Leavitt's rule of "48"?
(a) all scientists are blind
(b) all scientists are obsessed with their work
(c) there's 48 types of mistakes in any problem
(d) there's 48 ways to do anything

3. What does the team decide Hall has to find out?
(a) how to cure Jackson's ulcer
(b) what the old man and the infant have in common which protected them both from death
(c) why the infant cries all the time
(d) how fast he can get to each substation

4. What the main hypothesis the men have about why Scoop fell out of orbit?
(a) it was at the end of its allocated usefulness
(b) its batteries ran out
(c) the satellite hit something in its path
(d) the Russians shot it down

5. When a training pilot crashes after flying above the Piedmont area, what do they find at the plane?
(a) the pilot had left a note to his wife
(b) the instrument panel was gone
(c) all the new plastic polymer that replaced rubber in the plane has dissolved
(d) the pilot was too young to be flying

6. While running to the autopsy room, Hall notices that Leavitt appears to be in a trance. Why does he appear that way?
(a) he's barely walking and keeps bumping into the walls
(b) he didn't get enough sleep the night before
(c) he's immobile looking at the flashing emergency lights
(d) he likes to stop and think during an emergency

7. Now that Jackson is awake, what does he tell Hall about the baby?
(a) that he was sick last week
(b) that he was two months early
(c) baby Jamie cries constantly
(d) that he was a twin, but the other one died

8. What does Hall do at the computer when he is in the room with his patients?
(a) uses it to order fifteen to twenty lab tests for the patients
(b) tells it to give the patients a flu vaccination
(c) plays a card game
(d) sets up a way to get real food

9. What happens as the men stare at the green substance attached to the meteor?
(a) it grows smaller
(b) it starts to hum
(c) it begins to emit light in a pattern
(d) it turns purple and grows right before their eyes

10. While dealing with Burton, Hall and Stone hear another emergency announcement by the computer. It is:
(a) Leavitt is having another seizure
(b) Andromeda is now in level 1
(c) The gasket seals in three other sections have failed
(d) a nuclear bomb was dropped on Piedmont

11. Why isn't normal food available at the lab?
(a) it cost more than the nutrient drink
(b) cooks aren't allowed on level 4 or 5
(c) there's too many people to figure out what to cook
(d) it might provide a growth medium for bacteria

12. What does Jackson do for his ulcer?
(a) he eats a gallon of vanilla ice cream every day
(b) he takes nearly a bottle of aspirin a day and sips from a can of Sterno
(c) he drinks maalox
(d) he doesn't do anything

13. Why does an electron microscope work better than any other type of scope?
(a) it uses electric current across the lens
(b) it uses magnetic fields rather than light rays to view and enlarge objects
(c) it uses lasers to shine on the subject
(d) it has a bigger lens

14. What happens when Robertson informs them of the Phantom crash team's discovery of the depolymerized polymer and the fleshless bone?
(a) they send flowers to the pilot's wife
(b) they immediately download the information
(c) they ignore it as being irrelevant
(d) they have an hour discussion about what might have happened

15. When the seal has been broken in the Autopsy room, who is in there?
(a) Dr. Leavitt
(b) Dr. Burton
(c) Mark Hall
(d) Dr. Stone

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens when Burton gives some live rats anti-coagulant to prevent blood clotting then exposes them?

2. What does Hall do as he finishes turning his key in the level 4 substation?

3. What does Hall and Stone figure out when they hear the announcement about the gaskets?

4. Burton's tests reveal that clotting begins in the lungs then progresses to the brain. What does that mean to him?

5. What's the first test Burton does on the two dead lab animals?

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