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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. While dealing with Burton, Hall and Stone hear another emergency announcement by the computer. It is:
(a) The gasket seals in three other sections have failed
(b) Leavitt is having another seizure
(c) Andromeda is now in level 1
(d) a nuclear bomb was dropped on Piedmont

2. Why does an electron microscope work better than any other type of scope?
(a) it uses electric current across the lens
(b) it uses lasers to shine on the subject
(c) it uses magnetic fields rather than light rays to view and enlarge objects
(d) it has a bigger lens

3. For what reason do the men decide some of the Piedmont people seemed to have committed suicide?
(a) they were too afraid to die of Andromeda
(b) Andromeda told them to do it
(c) brain hemorrhages are capable of causing insanity as well as death
(d) they couldn't stand seeing all their family and friends dead

4. What does the Wildfire group eat for breakfast?
(a) a large pill which is all the nutrients they need
(b) oatmeal with honey
(c) a glass of dark brown juice, which tastes like orange juice
(d) eggs, toast and bacon

5. There is another way for Hall to reach a substation. What is it?
(a) going up the outside of the lab
(b) climbing to another level through the central core
(c) going through the ventilation shafts
(d) taking an elevator to level 4

6. What does Hall and Stone figure out when they hear the announcement about the gaskets?
(a) the mutated form of Andromeda is going to attack the glass
(b) Andromeda doesn't want to be confined to the lab
(c) the mutated form of Andromeda is only dangerous to rubber gaskets
(d) Andromeda is attacking the computer

7. What the main hypothesis the men have about why Scoop fell out of orbit?
(a) it was at the end of its allocated usefulness
(b) the Russians shot it down
(c) its batteries ran out
(d) the satellite hit something in its path

8. Why isn't normal food available at the lab?
(a) it cost more than the nutrient drink
(b) cooks aren't allowed on level 4 or 5
(c) it might provide a growth medium for bacteria
(d) there's too many people to figure out what to cook

9. What is Leavitt's rule of "48"?
(a) there's 48 types of mistakes in any problem
(b) all scientists are blind
(c) all scientists are obsessed with their work
(d) there's 48 ways to do anything

10. Too whom does the female voice on the intercom belong?
(a) one of the secretaries from level 1
(b) Dr. Stone's wife
(c) no one, it's computer simulated
(d) a sixty-three year old woman from Omaha, named Gladys Stevens

11. While running to the autopsy room, Hall notices that Leavitt appears to be in a trance. Why does he appear that way?
(a) he's immobile looking at the flashing emergency lights
(b) he likes to stop and think during an emergency
(c) he's barely walking and keeps bumping into the walls
(d) he didn't get enough sleep the night before

12. Where are the laboratories and equipment rooms that they will be using on level 5?
(a) along the perimeter of the cone
(b) sealed away inside the central core
(c) in the north section of the level
(d) anywhere there was room to put them

13. Based on the a Millipore filter size what does Burton conclude?
(a) the agent reponds to light
(b) it's not from earth
(c) the agent could only be a larger molecule like a bacterial cell
(d) it is too big to be airborne

14. What does Hall think made Jackson survive Andromeda?
(a) Andromeda doesn't like asprin
(b) his bleeding ulcer made it too hard for the blood to coagulate
(c) he's a mean, old man
(d) excessive acid in the bloodstream might prevent Andromeda from growing

15. What does the Wildfire team believe about the origin of the Scoop contamination?
(a) there is no contamination; nothing can live in space
(b) they come to believe it is an alien life form
(c) that the contamination happened before the satellite left earth
(d) the contamination has earth germs that mutated

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Hall race back to the autopsy room to stop?

2. What does Hall find out about Andromeda from the Ph level report?

3. What do they find out about the green substance and amino acids?

4. What happens when Burton gives some live rats anti-coagulant to prevent blood clotting then exposes them?

5. On what former scientific belief did Leavitt base his rule of 48?

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