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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When the seal has been broken in the Autopsy room, who is in there?
(a) Mark Hall
(b) Dr. Stone
(c) Dr. Burton
(d) Dr. Leavitt

2. What does Hall do at the computer when he is in the room with his patients?
(a) sets up a way to get real food
(b) tells it to give the patients a flu vaccination
(c) plays a card game
(d) uses it to order fifteen to twenty lab tests for the patients

3. Why are black Norway rats used in labs?
(a) all black Norway rats are physically alike
(b) because black hides dirt and blood
(c) because they're the cheapest ones available
(d) because they're very calm rats

4. What seems to produce the best growth in Andromeda?
(a) any type of energy causes it to grow well
(b) chocolate ice cream
(c) pure oxygen
(d) saline solution

5. What happens to the men's attitude now that they know directive 7-12 was not invoked?
(a) they are confident
(b) they're under extreme pressure
(c) they're happy
(d) they're relieved

6. What does the spectrometer show about the composition of the Andromeda strain?
(a) it has carbon and silicon in it
(b) it's radioactive
(c) it resembles earthly organic life
(d) it is not alive

7. While running to the autopsy room, Hall notices that Leavitt appears to be in a trance. Why does he appear that way?
(a) he's immobile looking at the flashing emergency lights
(b) he likes to stop and think during an emergency
(c) he didn't get enough sleep the night before
(d) he's barely walking and keeps bumping into the walls

8. How will the scientist work on the satellite?
(a) behind an ultraviolet barrier
(b) with latex gloves on their hands
(c) metallic hands inside the sealed room
(d) with binoculars

9. Why does Stone feel they have plenty of time to solve the mystery of the satellite's contamination?
(a) with Piedmont nuked there is no danger to the outside
(b) it's only been a couple days
(c) the President said to take their time
(d) nothing bad has happened so far

10. Who wakes Mark Hall up his first morning at the Wildfire lab?
(a) Dr. Stone calls him on the phone
(b) a maid comes in to clean the room
(c) a seductive, female voice
(d) an alarm clock he set the previous night

11. What does Jackson say to Hall when Hall wakes him?
(a) tells him he doesn't need a doctor
(b) he doesn't talk to him
(c) tells him to go away
(d) tells him the baby's mother's name

12. What does Stone do to help Burton in the autopsy room when he's been exposed to Andromeda?
(a) coating the walls with antibiotics
(b) spraying the room with bleach
(c) pumping oxygen into the room to inhibit the spread of Andromeda
(d) nothing, he doesn't know what to do

13. What does the Wildfire team believe about the origin of the Scoop contamination?
(a) there is no contamination; nothing can live in space
(b) that the contamination happened before the satellite left earth
(c) they come to believe it is an alien life form
(d) the contamination has earth germs that mutated

14. Now that Jackson is awake, what does he tell Hall about the baby?
(a) that he was two months early
(b) that he was sick last week
(c) that he was a twin, but the other one died
(d) baby Jamie cries constantly

15. What does Hall think made Jackson survive Andromeda?
(a) he's a mean, old man
(b) excessive acid in the bloodstream might prevent Andromeda from growing
(c) Andromeda doesn't like asprin
(d) his bleeding ulcer made it too hard for the blood to coagulate

Short Answer Questions

1. Too whom does the female voice on the intercom belong?

2. Based on the a Millipore filter size what does Burton conclude?

3. Why does Hall think the baby's survival and the birds' survival are related?

4. What do they find out about the green substance and amino acids?

5. There is another way for Hall to reach a substation. What is it?

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