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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the men's theory about Andromeda and blood vessels?
(a) Andromeda burrows in the blood vessels
(b) Andromeda strengthens blood vessels
(c) Andromeda attacks the blood vessel walls directly
(d) Andromeda doesn't live well in blood vessels

2. What bothers Hall about the substations that will turn off a self-destruct?
(a) they're spaced too close together
(b) it takes too much time to insert the key
(c) that he could be sealed off in a section without a substation
(d) they're painted red

3. How often do the doctors get together to discuss results?
(a) they never get together, each man is responsible for his own area
(b) once every four hours
(c) every twelve hours
(d) every day

4. Now that Jackson is awake, what does he tell Hall about the baby?
(a) baby Jamie cries constantly
(b) that he was two months early
(c) that he was sick last week
(d) that he was a twin, but the other one died

5. What does the Wildfire team believe about the origin of the Scoop contamination?
(a) there is no contamination; nothing can live in space
(b) they come to believe it is an alien life form
(c) that the contamination happened before the satellite left earth
(d) the contamination has earth germs that mutated

6. What's the first test Burton does on the two dead lab animals?
(a) a nerve reflex test
(b) a blood test
(c) vector experiments to determine how the mysterious disease is transmitted
(d) breathing test to make sure they're dead

7. How will the scientist work on the satellite?
(a) with binoculars
(b) behind an ultraviolet barrier
(c) metallic hands inside the sealed room
(d) with latex gloves on their hands

8. When Burton is still alive, but breathing fast from fear what does Hall do?
(a) Hall returns to his lab and stares at Peter Jackson through the glass
(b) he leaves to go check on Leavitt
(c) he tells Stone he's going to the men's room
(d) he relaxes a moment and sits down

9. What happens to the rat when deposited near the satellite?
(a) it lays down and goes to sleep
(b) it becomes paralyzed
(c) it runs around looking for food
(d) it is dead within seconds

10. When the seal has been broken in the Autopsy room, who is in there?
(a) Mark Hall
(b) Dr. Burton
(c) Dr. Leavitt
(d) Dr. Stone

11. What does Hall think made Jackson survive Andromeda?
(a) Andromeda doesn't like asprin
(b) he's a mean, old man
(c) his bleeding ulcer made it too hard for the blood to coagulate
(d) excessive acid in the bloodstream might prevent Andromeda from growing

12. What happens to the men's attitude now that they know directive 7-12 was not invoked?
(a) they are confident
(b) they're happy
(c) they're under extreme pressure
(d) they're relieved

13. What does Hall race back to the autopsy room to stop?
(a) Leavitt from having another seizure
(b) Stone from opening the door of the autopsy room
(c) Burton from dying
(d) the pumping of oxygen into the room

14. Where are the laboratories and equipment rooms that they will be using on level 5?
(a) along the perimeter of the cone
(b) anywhere there was room to put them
(c) in the north section of the level
(d) sealed away inside the central core

15. Who wakes Mark Hall up his first morning at the Wildfire lab?
(a) a maid comes in to clean the room
(b) a seductive, female voice
(c) an alarm clock he set the previous night
(d) Dr. Stone calls him on the phone

Short Answer Questions

1. What the main hypothesis the men have about why Scoop fell out of orbit?

2. What happens when Robertson informs them of the Phantom crash team's discovery of the depolymerized polymer and the fleshless bone?

3. What message have the men received without their knowledge, that they find by accident?

4. Stone yells at Hall when the self-destruct is announced. What does he tell him?

5. What does Hall find out about Andromeda from the Ph level report?

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