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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What's the first test Burton does on the two dead lab animals?
(a) vector experiments to determine how the mysterious disease is transmitted
(b) a blood test
(c) a nerve reflex test
(d) breathing test to make sure they're dead

2. There is another way for Hall to reach a substation. What is it?
(a) taking an elevator to level 4
(b) going through the ventilation shafts
(c) climbing to another level through the central core
(d) going up the outside of the lab

3. How is the center core protected, level to level?
(a) with guard dogs
(b) sensors track movement in the core, and shoot ligamine darts at any moving target
(c) with electrical shocks
(d) with laser beams

4. Based on the a Millipore filter size what does Burton conclude?
(a) the agent could only be a larger molecule like a bacterial cell
(b) it is too big to be airborne
(c) it's not from earth
(d) the agent reponds to light

5. What does the answering service supervisor tell Hall when he keeps pushing the red button by his bed?
(a) that he is late for breakfast
(b) that tomorrow a male voice will waken him
(c) that pushing the red button calls him
(d) that he ought to take this project more seriously

6. What is Leavitt's rule of "48"?
(a) all scientists are blind
(b) there's 48 ways to do anything
(c) all scientists are obsessed with their work
(d) there's 48 types of mistakes in any problem

7. What type of waste products did Andromeda produce?
(a) it doesn't produce any
(b) starch, sugar and hydrogen
(c) amino acids
(d) carbon and water

8. Stone yells at Hall when the self-destruct is announced. What does he tell him?
(a) for Hall to return to the room with Jackson and the baby
(b) for Hall to help Burton
(c) for Hall to get out of the room right away before Hall gets sealed off from the substations
(d) for Hall to call 911

9. While dealing with Burton, Hall and Stone hear another emergency announcement by the computer. It is:
(a) Andromeda is now in level 1
(b) Leavitt is having another seizure
(c) The gasket seals in three other sections have failed
(d) a nuclear bomb was dropped on Piedmont

10. When a training pilot crashes after flying above the Piedmont area, what do they find at the plane?
(a) all the new plastic polymer that replaced rubber in the plane has dissolved
(b) the instrument panel was gone
(c) the pilot had left a note to his wife
(d) the pilot was too young to be flying

11. What does Jackson say to Hall when Hall wakes him?
(a) tells him the baby's mother's name
(b) tells him to go away
(c) tells him he doesn't need a doctor
(d) he doesn't talk to him

12. Why does an electron microscope work better than any other type of scope?
(a) it uses electric current across the lens
(b) it has a bigger lens
(c) it uses magnetic fields rather than light rays to view and enlarge objects
(d) it uses lasers to shine on the subject

13. How many ligamine darts hits Hall before he gets to level 4?
(a) one
(b) three
(c) two
(d) six

14. Too whom does the female voice on the intercom belong?
(a) no one, it's computer simulated
(b) one of the secretaries from level 1
(c) Dr. Stone's wife
(d) a sixty-three year old woman from Omaha, named Gladys Stevens

15. What does Burton's tests determine about the dead bodies?
(a) the disease stays on the dead body, still contagious
(b) the disease leaves after the body dies
(c) they are disintegrating quickly
(d) they're not contagious, only the air surrounding them transmits the disease

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the Wildfire group eat for breakfast?

2. If the organism directly converts energy to matter with no waste what is it functioning like?

3. On what former scientific belief did Leavitt base his rule of 48?

4. What happens as the men stare at the green substance attached to the meteor?

5. What does Hall find out about Andromeda from the Ph level report?

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