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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When a training pilot crashes after flying above the Piedmont area, what do they find at the plane?
(a) all the new plastic polymer that replaced rubber in the plane has dissolved
(b) the instrument panel was gone
(c) the pilot had left a note to his wife
(d) the pilot was too young to be flying

2. What type of waste products did Andromeda produce?
(a) carbon and water
(b) it doesn't produce any
(c) starch, sugar and hydrogen
(d) amino acids

3. What's the first test Burton does on the two dead lab animals?
(a) a nerve reflex test
(b) breathing test to make sure they're dead
(c) a blood test
(d) vector experiments to determine how the mysterious disease is transmitted

4. Where are the laboratories and equipment rooms that they will be using on level 5?
(a) sealed away inside the central core
(b) anywhere there was room to put them
(c) in the north section of the level
(d) along the perimeter of the cone

5. What did Stone and Leavitt find in the satellite?
(a) a piece of a missle
(b) nothing
(c) a meteror rock with a green substance growing on it
(d) a message written in Greek

6. What message have the men received without their knowledge, that they find by accident?
(a) that another sattellite has come down to earth
(b) that Dr. Leavitt's wife is in the hospital
(c) the notification about the President's decision to delay directive 7-12
(d) that the plaque has spread to Texas

7. What seems to produce the best growth in Andromeda?
(a) pure oxygen
(b) chocolate ice cream
(c) any type of energy causes it to grow well
(d) saline solution

8. What will Hall wear to examine the two survivors of Piedmont?
(a) an astronaut's suit
(b) his level 5 coveralls
(c) latex gloves and surgical mask
(d) a full body glove

9. Who wakes Mark Hall up his first morning at the Wildfire lab?
(a) a maid comes in to clean the room
(b) a seductive, female voice
(c) an alarm clock he set the previous night
(d) Dr. Stone calls him on the phone

10. What does the team decide Hall has to find out?
(a) what the old man and the infant have in common which protected them both from death
(b) how to cure Jackson's ulcer
(c) how fast he can get to each substation
(d) why the infant cries all the time

11. Now that Jackson is awake, what does he tell Hall about the baby?
(a) that he was sick last week
(b) that he was two months early
(c) that he was a twin, but the other one died
(d) baby Jamie cries constantly

12. What happens when Burton gives some live rats anti-coagulant to prevent blood clotting then exposes them?
(a) they don't die when exposed to the disease
(b) they bleed out of their noses
(c) the rats live longer, but still succumb to the disease
(d) they lay down and go to sleep

13. When Burton is still alive, but breathing fast from fear what does Hall do?
(a) he relaxes a moment and sits down
(b) he tells Stone he's going to the men's room
(c) he leaves to go check on Leavitt
(d) Hall returns to his lab and stares at Peter Jackson through the glass

14. Why does Hall think the baby's survival and the birds' survival are related?
(a) they have small bodies
(b) their rapid breathing
(c) they are both hungry all the time
(d) they both have big mouths

15. What do they put into the room with the satellite first?
(a) a brown dog
(b) a black Norway lab rat
(c) a white cat
(d) a pig

Short Answer Questions

1. How will the scientist work on the satellite?

2. What does Hall and Stone figure out when they hear the announcement about the gaskets?

3. How did the men feel about finding a solution to Andromeda?

4. While running to the autopsy room, Hall notices that Leavitt appears to be in a trance. Why does he appear that way?

5. What happens to the men's attitude now that they know directive 7-12 was not invoked?

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