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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What's the last thing Lt. Comcoe hears from the radio?
(a) the man in the white robe talking to Shawn
(b) Crane calling out in a high-pitched scream
(c) someone pounding on Lt. Shawn's van door
(d) two dogs barking and growling at each other

2. What concerned Merrick about alien encounters?
(a) that their technology would be much better than ours
(b) that they have been kidnapping humans for years
(c) that they would be hostile and superior
(d) the possibility of a plague resulting from an alien bacteria

3. What do Lt. Shawn and Pvt. Crane find in Piedmont?
(a) just a town with people going about their business
(b) the traffic light doesn't work
(c) no people on the streets
(d) dead bodies in the middle of the street

4. What do they see in the sky over Piedmont?
(a) a radio blaring rock music
(b) two cats fighting on a fence
(c) large black birds flying in a circular pattern
(d) a couple of teenagers breaking into a store

5. What is the population of Piedmont, Arizona?
(a) 100
(b) 48
(c) 15
(d) 2033

6. What does Samuel "Gunner" Wilson, pilot of the Scavenger plane see as he flies over Piedmont?
(a) he doesn't see anything, it's too dark
(b) an old Ford with its lights flashing
(c) the white robed man jumping up and down and waving
(d) a line of bodies stretched out below him in the center of Piedmont.

7. What spurred significant advances in biological science?
(a) the discovery of germs
(b) a cure for cancer
(c) the invention of antibiotics
(d) the polio vaccine

8. What briefing does Manchek think about when reviewing what Jagger has told him?
(a) about what to do in a state of emergency
(b) about the briefing on how to call the President
(c) the briefing he received on Project Wildfire
(d) the briefing about space travel

9. When they arrive at Piedmont, what do Burton and Stone do first?
(a) call in the National Guard
(b) drag the dead bodies to a central location
(c) find the satellite and put it in a container
(d) go to the recon van and honk the horn over and over

10. What kind of theory did noted scholar, Alfred Pockran, have about national crises?
(a) crises are created by the individual men involved in the events
(b) crisis always have a beginning and end
(c) crisis are created by enemies of the nation
(d) crisis are created by politicians for good ratings

11. How does the information needed to contact Wildfire read?
(b) IN CASE OF FIRE - Notify the fire department
(c) IN CASE OF FIRE - Notify the FBI
(d) IN CASE OF FIRE -- Notify Division 87 -- Emergencies Only

12. Why was Hall, a surgeon, chosen for the team?
(a) because they needed one medical doctor
(b) because they needed one scientist who wasn't married
(c) because he had a great personality
(d) officials who believe in The Odd Man Hypothesis wanted him

13. After going to code red, what does Manchek do?
(a) takes a helicopter to Piedmont
(b) hesitates before making his next move
(c) calls out the National Guard
(d) calls the President of the United States

14. What is the first response to Mancheck's call to Wildfire?
(a) to call the White House
(b) a top-secret cable is issued informing other military units
(c) to call each scientist on the list
(d) to shut down the electricity around Piedmont

15. What is Dr. Stone doing when the military shows up at his door?
(a) sleeping
(b) reading the newspaper
(c) saying good-bye to dinner guests
(d) he's not there, he's at work

Short Answer Questions

1. What do they find when they cut open a victim's wrist?

2. What does Mark Hall learn about the Wildfire lab as he's reading the last of the file?

3. What does the narrator say about the men of Wildfire that will affect the outcome of the work?

4. Dr. Stone heads to Piedmont with another scientist. Who is he?

5. What did Merrick theorize?

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