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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Merrick theorize?
(a) that alien species would contact earth
(b) that alien species could not exist
(c) the first alien species encountered by man would be a bacterium
(d) that alien species would be hostile

2. What does Dr. Hall think about the Wildfire project?
(a) that the government is totally paronoid
(b) he believed the whole project was theoretical and never expected to actually be called
(c) that the government can't do anything right, including Wildfire
(d) it is a stupid waste of money

3. What do the white spots on Jagger's film indicate?
(a) that the camera picked up the flares on the ground
(b) solar flares occuring
(c) that water fell on the film
(d) human bodies, dead or alive

4. How does the information needed to contact Wildfire read?
(a) IN CASE OF FIRE - Notify the FBI
(b) IN CASE OF FIRE -- Notify Division 87 -- Emergencies Only
(d) IN CASE OF FIRE - Notify the fire department

5. When Dr. Stone hears of Merrick's theory what does he do?
(a) acts as an advocate for research into this possibility
(b) he thinks Merrick should be fired from his position
(c) he laughs at them
(d) he thinks there's nothing that can be done about it

6. What does Samuel "Gunner" Wilson, pilot of the Scavenger plane see as he flies over Piedmont?
(a) the white robed man jumping up and down and waving
(b) he doesn't see anything, it's too dark
(c) an old Ford with its lights flashing
(d) a line of bodies stretched out below him in the center of Piedmont.

7. What does the narrator say about Lieutenant Shawn's life?
(a) that these are the last few moments he will live
(b) that he's been wasting it
(c) that he is young and has a long life ahead of him
(d) that he is soon to start college

8. In Delta sector on Level I, a man sits before a giant communications console. What is his job?
(a) to hit the emergency button if a virus gets out
(b) to make sure no unauthorized person enters
(c) to take messages from the men's families
(d) to monitor all incoming communications and inform the Wildfire team of any important developments

9. What brought about the first scientific crisis in history?
(a) the advent of modern science
(b) the invasion of aliens
(c) the discovery of an alien space ship
(d) the discovery of the atom

10. What does Project Wildfire do?
(a) investigates NASA projects
(b) investigates possible extraterrestrial life forms introduced to earth by returning spacecraft.
(c) investigates any epidepic of Asian origin
(d) investigates forest fires in America

11. What's the last thing Lt. Comcoe hears from the radio?
(a) Crane calling out in a high-pitched scream
(b) someone pounding on Lt. Shawn's van door
(c) the man in the white robe talking to Shawn
(d) two dogs barking and growling at each other

12. What kind of theory did noted scholar, Alfred Pockran, have about national crises?
(a) crises are created by the individual men involved in the events
(b) crisis always have a beginning and end
(c) crisis are created by politicians for good ratings
(d) crisis are created by enemies of the nation

13. What does Hall do about his appointment to Wildfire?
(a) nothing, he has never taken his commitment to Wildfire seriously
(b) he demands more money than the government is offering
(c) he demands to appoint a friend of his to the project
(d) he asks for all the information so he can keep abreast of new developments

14. What does Dr. Hall notice about Dr. Leavitt as they get in the sedan that was sent for them?
(a) he's limping on his right leg
(b) his hair has thinned on top
(c) he looks a lot younger than his age
(d) Leavitt turns his head away from the flashing lights on top of the sedan.

15. What is Manchek asked to do when he calls to alert Wildfire?
(a) to meet with the scientists
(b) to write up a report of the incident
(c) to destroy all evidence
(d) nothing, activating Wildfire is completely automated

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Dr. Stone tell his wife as he leaves?

2. What is Caper One?

3. What does Lt. Comroe at mission control do when told about the bodies?

4. When the communication specialist checks the equipment, what does he find?

5. What do the officers give Stone when they get in the car?

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