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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Major Arthur Manchek?
(a) the man who came up with the Wildfire idea
(b) the air force officer who flew a jet over Piedmont
(c) Chief Duty Officer and man in charge of all Scoop Project activities
(d) advisor to the president on the Scoop project

2. Why was Hall, a surgeon, chosen for the team?
(a) because they needed one scientist who wasn't married
(b) officials who believe in The Odd Man Hypothesis wanted him
(c) because he had a great personality
(d) because they needed one medical doctor

3. What's the last thing Lt. Comcoe hears from the radio?
(a) someone pounding on Lt. Shawn's van door
(b) two dogs barking and growling at each other
(c) Crane calling out in a high-pitched scream
(d) the man in the white robe talking to Shawn

4. Who is walking among the bodies?
(a) the town doctor
(b) several dogs pulling on the clothes
(c) a couple of house cats
(d) an old man in a white robe

5. What does Samuel "Gunner" Wilson, pilot of the Scavenger plane see as he flies over Piedmont?
(a) he doesn't see anything, it's too dark
(b) the white robed man jumping up and down and waving
(c) an old Ford with its lights flashing
(d) a line of bodies stretched out below him in the center of Piedmont.

6. What doesn't the government tell Stone about Scoop?
(a) it is not under the control of Congress
(b) it's an attempt to engage in germ warfare by the U.S. military
(c) it has brought back other samples of alien life
(d) that a friend of his died from an alien virus a different Scoop brought back

7. In what configuration is the Wildfire lab built?
(a) as a skyscraper
(b) five underground levels connected by a central core
(c) it looks like a large ranch
(d) in a pentagon, like the one in Washington

8. What is Dr. Stone doing when the military shows up at his door?
(a) he's not there, he's at work
(b) sleeping
(c) saying good-bye to dinner guests
(d) reading the newspaper

9. What do Lt. Shawn and Pvt. Crane find in Piedmont?
(a) just a town with people going about their business
(b) no people on the streets
(c) the traffic light doesn't work
(d) dead bodies in the middle of the street

10. How does Stone feel about Hall's appointment?
(a) he's indifferent to it
(b) he's happy and enthusiastic about it
(c) he's decided fate must have a reason
(d) it's against his wishes

11. What do they find when they cut open a victim's wrist?
(a) the blood has hard, white nodules in it
(b) the blood is no longer liquid; it resembles a red sponge
(c) nothing, they never cut open a victim's wrist
(d) the blood has turned green

12. What does Lt. Shawn do as he approaches Piedmont?
(a) stops and tells Private Crane to get out and wait for him on the hill
(b) leaves his radio on after calling in
(c) pulls on a biological agent suit
(d) turns off his headlights so no one can see him

13. What does Lt. Comroe at mission control do when told about the bodies?
(a) calls his sister and tells her to get out of Arizona
(b) calls for a security lock down
(c) faints
(d) starts to shake and runs out of the room

14. What do the personnel in the lab have to do to go to level 5?
(a) get on the elevator and push the button
(b) strip off their clothes and ride to level five naked
(c) take a shower and put on scrubs
(d) personnel are required to undergo stringent decontamination and quarantine procedures

15. What does Jagger conclude about the white spots, based on the temperature?
(a) it's very hot in Piedmont right now
(b) it's quite cold in Piedmont right now
(c) Crane and Shawn might still be alive
(d) forty-seven of the bodies are definitely dead

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Private Crane do for Lt. Shawn?

2. How does Burton appear to Stone?

3. When they arrive at Piedmont, what do Burton and Stone do first?

4. What is Dr. Burton's specialty ?

5. Why do the two men have radio-directional equipment on the van?

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