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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In what configuration is the Wildfire lab built?
(a) it looks like a large ranch
(b) as a skyscraper
(c) five underground levels connected by a central core
(d) in a pentagon, like the one in Washington

2. What do they see in the sky over Piedmont?
(a) a radio blaring rock music
(b) two cats fighting on a fence
(c) a couple of teenagers breaking into a store
(d) large black birds flying in a circular pattern

3. What is the population of Piedmont, Arizona?
(a) 15
(b) 100
(c) 48
(d) 2033

4. What does Lt. Shawn do as he approaches Piedmont?
(a) pulls on a biological agent suit
(b) leaves his radio on after calling in
(c) stops and tells Private Crane to get out and wait for him on the hill
(d) turns off his headlights so no one can see him

5. What does Jagger show Manchek on a conference call?
(a) he doesn't show them anything, they're on a phone
(b) a paper with TOP SECRET printed on it
(c) a red coded phone that connects to Wildfire
(d) the infrared film images of the town

6. Dr. Stone heads to Piedmont with another scientist. Who is he?
(a) Dr. Charles Burton, professor at Baylor Medical School
(b) Dr. Byon Shelby
(c) Dr. Steven Levine
(d) Dr. Kathleen Coller

7. What does the narrator say about Lieutenant Shawn's life?
(a) that he's been wasting it
(b) that these are the last few moments he will live
(c) that he is young and has a long life ahead of him
(d) that he is soon to start college

8. What brought about the first scientific crisis in history?
(a) the discovery of the atom
(b) the invasion of aliens
(c) the discovery of an alien space ship
(d) the advent of modern science

9. How does Manchek contact Wildfire?
(a) his contact is in the next building on the base
(b) he has to call the White House
(c) he has been given a business card with a contact number
(d) he has to call his superior officer

10. What is the first response to Mancheck's call to Wildfire?
(a) a top-secret cable is issued informing other military units
(b) to shut down the electricity around Piedmont
(c) to call the White House
(d) to call each scientist on the list

11. Where is Mission Control for Project Scoop located?
(a) NASA headquarters in Birmingham
(b) Ft. Sill, Oklahoma
(c) Vandenberg Airforce Base
(d) Washington, D.C.

12. Why do the two men have radio-directional equipment on the van?
(a) to triangulate the position of the Scoop satellite
(b) to find a good radio station
(c) to be able to track aircraft
(d) to find the town of Piedmont

13. Why are the private and lieutenant looking for the Scoop satellite?
(a) they want to sell it to another country
(b) they're curious about what it looks like
(c) they're supposed to destroy it
(d) it is their mission to recover it

14. Who is Major Arthur Manchek?
(a) advisor to the president on the Scoop project
(b) the man who came up with the Wildfire idea
(c) Chief Duty Officer and man in charge of all Scoop Project activities
(d) the air force officer who flew a jet over Piedmont

15. What does the narrator say the nature of all national crises prior to the scientific boom was?
(a) all national crises were educational in nature
(b) all national crises were medical in nature
(c) all national crises were economical in nature
(d) all national crises were political in nature

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Caper One?

2. What's the last thing Lt. Comcoe hears from the radio?

3. What does Stone say the government should do about the possibility of alien bacteria?

4. How does Leavitt feel about Wildfire?

5. What is Lt. Shawn looking at with a pair of binoculars at the start of the book?

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