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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Dr. Stone heads to Piedmont with another scientist. Who is he?
(a) Dr. Kathleen Coller
(b) Dr. Byon Shelby
(c) Dr. Charles Burton, professor at Baylor Medical School
(d) Dr. Steven Levine

2. There is another way for Hall to reach a substation. What is it?
(a) going through the ventilation shafts
(b) going up the outside of the lab
(c) climbing to another level through the central core
(d) taking an elevator to level 4

3. What does the author state his theme is?
(a) that bioterror by the government is wrong and could kill us all
(b) that even the smartest people make mistakes
(c) that scientist are heroic people
(d) that crises are made up of human personalities

4. When Hall realizes the reason for Jackson's and the baby's survival what does he do?
(a) jumps up and down pumping his fist
(b) races to the autopsy lab to strut it out in front of Stone
(c) brags to his assistant, Karen
(d) asks the computer to report Andromeda growth results based on pH levels

5. What does Jagger conclude about the white spots, based on the temperature?
(a) it's quite cold in Piedmont right now
(b) Crane and Shawn might still be alive
(c) it's very hot in Piedmont right now
(d) forty-seven of the bodies are definitely dead

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Stone say about the air supply on level four during a self-destruct sequence?

2. How does Burton appear to Stone?

3. What does Hall do about his appointment to Wildfire?

4. What's the last thing Lt. Comcoe hears from the radio?

5. What is Burton and Stone's working hypothesis about the killer in Piedmont?

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