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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to the rat when deposited near the satellite?
(a) it is dead within seconds
(b) it becomes paralyzed
(c) it runs around looking for food
(d) it lays down and goes to sleep

2. What does the narrator say about the men of Wildfire that will affect the outcome of the work?
(a) the men don't really know what to do
(b) the men are actually aliens wanting to harm the world
(c) the men are only looking after their own interest
(d) the men have some fatal flaws, which will escalate the crisis

3. How does Manchek contact Wildfire?
(a) his contact is in the next building on the base
(b) he has been given a business card with a contact number
(c) he has to call the White House
(d) he has to call his superior officer

4. In what configuration is the Wildfire lab built?
(a) five underground levels connected by a central core
(b) it looks like a large ranch
(c) as a skyscraper
(d) in a pentagon, like the one in Washington

5. Why does Hall think the baby's survival and the birds' survival are related?
(a) they have small bodies
(b) they both have big mouths
(c) they are both hungry all the time
(d) their rapid breathing

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Hall and Stone figure out when they hear the announcement about the gaskets?

2. What does Stone say about finishing the study on Andromeda?

3. What do Lt. Shawn and Pvt. Crane find in Piedmont?

4. Why are black Norway rats used in labs?

5. What's the first test Burton does on the two dead lab animals?

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