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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mark Hall learn about the Wildfire lab as he's reading the last of the file?
(a) that it's located in a mountain near Denver
(b) that it was made to look like a little town
(c) the facility is equipped with a nuclear self-destruct device
(d) that it has fifteen rooms on each floor

2. What doesn't the government tell Stone about Scoop?
(a) it is not under the control of Congress
(b) it's an attempt to engage in germ warfare by the U.S. military
(c) it has brought back other samples of alien life
(d) that a friend of his died from an alien virus a different Scoop brought back

3. How does Burton appear to Stone?
(a) a sharp dresser and compulsive individual
(b) an absent-minded professor with sloppy clothes and untidy hair
(c) a young football player
(d) a monk in brown robes

4. What did English biophysicist, J.J. Merrick, discuss at a biological symposium?
(a) the probabilities of first contact with an alien species
(b) whether biology was a science worth pursuing
(c) the improbability of life in space
(d) whether humans should go into space

5. What does Stone ask Manchek to call for to take care of the danger at Piedmont?
(a) a thousand ultraviolet lights
(b) the National Guard
(c) a limited thermo-nuclear strike to sanitize the area
(d) a load of pesticides to spray on Piedmont

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Hall believe about the possibility of a real Wildfire crisis?

2. When over the town, Stone and Burton see buzzards eating the bodies. What do they do?

3. After going to code red, what does Manchek do?

4. On Jagger's film, one of the white images is in motion. What does that mean?

5. What briefing does Manchek think about when reviewing what Jagger has told him?

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