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The Andromeda Strain

The code name given to the microscopic, yet deadly, alien life form brought back to earth by the Scoop satellite.

The Atomic Substations

Located throughout each level of the Wildfire Laboratory, they contain an override feature that only Mark Hall can activate.

Directive 7-12

This is the top-secret code name for the Wildfire contingency plan that calls for a nuclear "cauterization" of any area in the United States that has been infected with alien life that is harmful to humans and cannot be killed in any other way.

Level V

The bottom level of the Wildfire Laboratory.


This is a water-soluble curare derivative that causes complete paralysis.

The Red Key

This is designed to respond only to Mark Hall's touch and is used to override the automatic self-destruct sequence in the Wildfire Laboratory.

The Scavenger

This intermediate-range reconnaissance jet aircraft is fully equipped for...

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