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Point of View

For one hour during a class discussion no student can use the word "I" when speaking. So it would not be "I go to the store" but "He goes to the store" or "They go to the store".


Students will chose one character in the book and write a description of that character based on the character being the opposite of what he was in the book. For example, Dr. Stone would be written as loving, kind, compassionate, etc.


Pair the students, with one being the journalist and one a scientist from Wildfire. Have the journalist interview the scientist.

New Ending.

What if the Andromeda had mutated into an actual sentient being that could communicate with humankind? What would it say? What would we say? Pair the students and have the "human" student interview "Andromeda."

Ah, that famous Voice.

After all the men...

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