The Andromeda Strain Character Descriptions

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Dr. Mark Hall - This character is the only practicing surgeon among them. He risks his own life to stop the self-destruction sequence from completing its deadly mission.

Dr. Jeremy Stone - This character is the leader of Project Wildfire. Imperious and conceited, he is nonetheless brilliant, and a man of conscience. He has a tendency to treat his Wildfire colleagues as his intellectual inferiors.

Dr. Peter Leavitt - This character is Chief of Bacteriology at the same hospital where Dr. Mark Hall practices, although he considers hospital work to be dull and unrewarding. He has traveled widely, researching parasites in third world countries.

Dr. Charles Burton - This character is a fifty-four year old pathologist who holds a professorship at the medical school at Baylor University in Houston. Additionally, he serves as a consultant to NASA's Manned Spaceflight Center in Houston.

Peter Jackson - This character...

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