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Part 1

• Lt. Shawn looks down on the small town of Piedmont, Arizona. The town appears dark and quiet.

• Shawn climbs back into his van and joins his partner, Private Crane.

• The men have been using the equipment on the van to triangulate the position of the Scoop satellite, which is their mission to recover.

• Their equipment indicates the Scoop satellite is in the very center of Piedmont.

• The only signs of life are the large black birds which circle overhead; they appear to be buzzards.

• Mission Control for Project Scoop is located three hundred miles away from Piedmont, at Vandenberg Airforce Base.

• Lieutenant Edgar Comroe's assignment is to monitor the reconnaissance van, which even now is heading into the center of Piedmont.

• When Lieutenant Shawn radios him from outside Piedmont, Comroe pays minimal attention.

• Lieutenant Shawn leaves his radio on while approaching his target.

• Shawn and Private Crane...

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