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Short Answer Questions

1. What are Irmgard and Pris excited about?

2. What did androids start their life as?

3. What does Iran find out?

4. How does Resch say it is possible for an android to kill himself?

5. What does Isidore offer to do?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The novel takes place during a short, but unspecified time period.

1) What do think is the time scale of the book? How does it affect the atmosphere of the novel?

2) How much can the reader get to know the characters in such a short time? For example has the reader just entered a low point in Rick's life?

3) How do you think the novel would change if the story was set over a longer time period?

Essay Topic 2

While Dick writes about a future world he takes elements and even generic conventions from other genre's. For example the main character Rick Deckard has the lonely and cynical view of a private eye from a Ray Chandler novel

1) What other generic conventions does Dick use in the novel? Are they merely homages?

2) In which ways do you think the future setting of the novel changes the meaning of any generic conventions Dick uses?

Essay Topic 3

Dick presents two Wilbur Mercer and Buster Friendly as two opposites.

1) Describe Mercer and Friendly's beliefs? What sides do Mercer and Friendly represent?

2) Describe how and why the decline of Mererism is such an impact on the major characters? What does the rise of Buster Friendly mean for the main characters?

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