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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Rachel decide to do to Rachel?
(a) Kill her
(b) Imprison her
(c) Send her to Mars
(d) Reprogram her

2. What does Roy do when Rick kills Irmgard?
(a) Thanks him
(b) Shoots himself
(c) Cries
(d) Laughs

3. Who is Deckard surprised he wants to call?
(a) Iran
(b) John Isidor
(c) Rachel
(d) Bryant

4. What does Rick decide about electric animals?
(a) They are evil
(b) They have to be tolerated
(c) They are better than the real thing
(d) They have just as much right to live as anything else

5. How was Deckard's goat killed
(a) Starved
(b) Pushed off the roof
(c) Stabbed to death
(d) Kicked to death

6. Which two characters does Dick introduce in this chapter?
(a) Dave Holden and Frank Carson
(b) Roy and Irma Baty
(c) Isidore's parents
(d) Sally and James Palmer

7. What does Bryant tell him to do?
(a) Rest
(b) Retire
(c) Get a drink
(d) See his wife

8. What does Deckard do once he has retired all the androids?
(a) Call Bryant
(b) Ask Rachel to marry him
(c) Call his wife
(d) Go home

9. What is special about the device Rachel gives Deckard?
(a) It puts humans to sleep
(b) It stuns androids
(c) It opens locked doors
(d) It turns off alarm sysems

10. Where do Roy and Irma plan to hide out?
(a) New York
(b) In the apartment building
(c) A church
(d) The sewers

11. How much money does Deckard think he can get for the toad?
(a) $200,000
(b) $10,000,000
(c) $500,000
(d) $1,000,000

12. What does Isidore manage to capture in his apartment?
(a) A wasp
(b) A spider
(c) A fly
(d) A bounty hunter

13. Who does Pris say is her best friends?
(a) Isidore and the kipple
(b) No one
(c) Roy and Irma Batty
(d) Polokov and Luft

14. What Isidore take into the garden?
(a) The spider
(b) A spade
(c) His television
(d) Some seeds

15. Who does the secretary say is looking for him?
(a) Bryant and Iran
(b) Dave Holden
(c) Hannibal Sloat
(d) John Isidor

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Resch offer to give Deckard when he is dead?

2. Where does the rock hit Deckard?

3. Who does Rachel say looks like her?

4. What does Rick do after sex with Rachel?

5. What does Isidore want to do?

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