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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Rosen say is possible if Rachel can fail the test?
(a) That the police have killed real humans
(b) That Rick has the wrong test
(c) That the government are all androids
(d) That Rick is an android

2. Which of the following is Rick accused of?
(a) GBH
(b) Sexual abuse
(c) Inciting racial hatred
(d) Homicide

3. What is the name of the police officer who interrogates Deckard?
(a) Franks
(b) Bryant
(c) Crams
(d) Garland

4. What is Polokov pretending to be?
(a) A professor
(b) A special
(c) A comedian
(d) A woman

5. What does Rick ask questions about?
(a) Rotten food
(b) Dead animals
(c) Dead humans
(d) Hunger and poverty

6. What did Rick's real sheep die from?
(a) Tetanus
(b) Radiation
(c) Complications during birth
(d) Old age

7. What two things measure the responses in the test?
(a) A sensor disc and a small beam of light
(b) A laser disk and a beam of light
(c) A sensor tape and a laser disc
(d) A visualizer and a sensor disc

8. What does Borogrove tell Isidore the cat really is?
(a) An android
(b) A tiger
(c) Real
(d) A dog

9. Who is the first person to meet Rick in Seattle?
(a) John Isidore
(b) Rachael Rosen
(c) Buster Friendly
(d) Eldon Rosen

10. Who are the only people that Deckard thinks could fail the Voigt Kampff test?
(a) Psychotics
(b) Autistics
(c) Idiots
(d) Sadists

11. What has happened to Bill Barbour's horse?
(a) It has been selected to run in the world horse trials
(b) It has contracted a disease
(c) It is allergic to hay
(d) It is pregnant

12. Why can't Deckard and his wife leave earth?
(a) Because he is classed as special
(b) Because he his a criminal
(c) Because of his political and religous beliefs
(d) Because of his work

13. What is the name of the Soviet Police officer?
(a) Ondreij
(b) Kadalyi
(c) Krabonova
(d) Mikel

14. What is the name of John Isidore's boss?
(a) Milt Borogrove
(b) Buster Friendly
(c) Hannibal Sloat
(d) Colonel Deckard

15. What does Sloat say Buster Friendly is?
(a) Immortal
(b) Funny
(c) Not real
(d) Not friendly

Short Answer Questions

1. What proves to Deckard that Rachel is an android

2. How long will it take Borogrove to make an artificial cat?

3. How much is Deckard quoted for an electric Ostrich?

4. What one question does Rachel respond to?

5. Whose climbing experience does Isidore share?

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