Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. In what way in this chapter does Dick blur the lines between real and artificial?

Dick opens the chapter with Rick waking up to his mood organ. His wife Iran then suggests they use the mood organ to have positive thoughts for the day, suggesting the only way they can cope with the increasing artificiality of life is by using the objects that make it artificial in the first place.

2. In what way is Rick despair different to his wife's?

Like Iran, Rick is in despair but he despairs because he is worried about living up to society's expectations.

3. What does the mood organ symbolize?

The mood organ is an important symbol because it demonstrates that humans need help feeling emotions.

4. In what way does Rick's sheep symbolize denial of the artificiality of his life?

Rick's electric sheep symbolizes the confusion between real and artificial. Real humans buy fake sheep to fool other humans.

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