Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Character Descriptions

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Character Descriptions

Bill Barbour - This character has enough money to own a real horse.

Irmgard Baty - The female android who suggests they cut off the legs of a spider.

Roy Baty - The leader of the renegade android troop.

Milt Borogrove - A repairman at the Van Ness "Pet Hospital."

Harry Bryant - The man who gives Deckard his assignments.

Iran Deckard - A human depressed by the artificiality of her world.

Rick Deckard - A bounty hunter suffering doubts about his job and life.

Buster Friendly - This character is a television personality.

Garland - An imitation police officer

Dave Holden - Senior bounty hunter in the San Francisco police department.

J. R. Isidore - See John R. Isidore.

John R. Isidore - This character failed the standard IQ test.

Sandor Kadalyi - See Max Polokov.

Luba Luft - An escaped android trying to pass as...

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