Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapter 1

• Rick is awakened by his mood organ, and he gets out of bed immediately.

• Rick agrees with his wife to have positive feelings for the day and prepares to leave for work.

• Rick goes to his roof to visit his electric sheep.

• Rick ponders the fact that retiring five "andys" (androids) would get him enough money to afford a new horse.

Chapter 2

• This chapter begins in a deserted building, which we learn was deserted after World War Terminus.

• Isidore is in the building listening to his television, promoting emigration to Mars.

• Isidore then starts to leave for work, but his fear stops him and he goes to his "empathy box," a device that uses ions and electrical energy to stimulate feelings.

• He hears another television set in the building and realizes someone else has moved into the building.

Chapter 3

• Police Inspector Harry Bryant tells Deckard that the...

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