Andrew Wyeth: Autobiography Short Essay - Answer Key

Thomas Hoving
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1. How long does Thomas Hoving say it took him to get to know Andrew Wyeth as an artist?

Thomas Hoving, in his introduction to Andrew Wyeth's autobiography, begins by noting that it took him a long time to get to know Wyeth as a person, but that it took even longer to get to know him as an artist.

2. What does Thomas Hoving say is the common denominator for Wyeth the man and Wyeth the artist?

What united both Wyeth the man and Wyeth the artist was that he was independent and had been from an early age.

3. According to Thomas Hoving, how does Wyeth show that he struggled uncomfortably with his art?

Wyeth struggled with his art despite being free and undisciplined. He hid his paintings often and seemed at many times to be painting only for himself. His reasons for starting a painting were often bizarre.

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