Andrew Wyeth: Autobiography Character Descriptions

Thomas Hoving
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Andrew Wyeth

Born in 1917 and living until 2009, he was an artist, but primarily a painter, of the realist school, focusing in particular on painting scenes of his homes in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, and Cushing, Maine.

The Olsons

A very large number of Wyeth's paintings were paintings of this family's home, barn, field, and their indoor areas, including portraits of the family as a whole.

The Kuerners

Wyeth would often paint their home, field, and objects in their home. The head of the family was arguably Wyeth's best friend.

The Eriksons

She became one of Wyeth's primary models after his favorite model died, and she and her father were the subjects of a wide range of paintings.

Helga Testorf

She was a Prussian immigrant who became the primary subject of Wyeth's most important series of paintings.

Thomas Hoving

He was the author of the introduction of the book and...

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