Andrew Wyeth: Autobiography Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Thomas Hoving
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Introduction, Paintings 1-20

• In his Introduction to the book, Thomas Hoving noted that it took him a long time to get to know Andrew Wyeth as a person, and it took even longer to get to know him as an artist.

• What united Wyeth the man and Wyeth the artist was an independent nature from an early age.

• Wyeth's paintings are free and dreamlike. They draw romantic associations, even though Wyeth claimed he was not a romantic.
• Subject matter was most important to Wyeth who thought that it was unnecessary to add life to a scene because scenes were discovered by accident.

• In these accidents, Wyeth hoped over the years that something random or unlikely would add incongruity to a scene.

• In many ways, Wyeth's painting are like dreams where there are deep emotional and personal associations, although they are hidden from obvious detection in what is depicted...

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