Objects & Places from And the Mountains Echoed

Khaled Hosseini
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This object built by Thalia and Markos during their childhood represents their friendship and foreshadows his future career.

Tin Tea Box

This object, in which she stored feathers, was given to Pari when she was very young by her brother Abdullah. Later, in the end of the novel, she receives the object within a package that her brother left for her.

Broken Spectacles

This object is found by Adel and represents his father's cruelty and the death of Iqbar.

Jalozai Refugee Camp

This setting is where Gholam grew up with his family in Pakistan. When they were forced out, he and his father made their way back to their home village.


This dog was responsible for Thalia's disfigurement after an attack.

The Div

This creature from Saboor's story in Chapter 1 represents a godlike figure who on the surface appears to be evil. In the story, he...

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