And the Mountains Echoed Character Descriptions

Khaled Hosseini
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This character works as a chauffeur and cook for a wealthy couple who live in Kabul. He was born and raised in Shadbagh, where he returns monthly to give money to his two sisters, one of whom is an invalid. Later, he convinces his sister and her brother to give up a young daughter to the wealthy couple for money.


This character is first introduced as a three-year-old child who is intensely bonded with her older brother. Her family is poor and her parents are convinced by her uncle to sell her to a wealthy couple in Kabul.

Pari (Abdullah's daughter)

This character is introduced later in the novel as she cares for her father who suffers from dementia. Her long-estranged aunt comes to visit, and the two become very close as they share the same name and the same longing for family connection.


This character...

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