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Tomás Rivera
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Short Answer Questions

1. What present does the narrator say Don Laito and Dona Bone brought him at the farm after his stay with them in "Hand in His Pocket"?

2. What does the narrator say the janitor used to scare him with during the fight in "It's That It Hurts"?

3. The narrator in "The Children Couldn't Wait" describes the time of year as being the beginning of what month?

4. The does the narrator say the central figure in "The Lost Year" does when his mind goes blank?

5. At what time does the narrator leave his home in "A Silvery Night"?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does the narrator's father aspire for the narrator to be when he grows up in "It's That It Hurts"? Why?

2. Where is the location of Utah described in "Comadre, Do You All Plan to Go to Utah?"

3. Why do the workers not receive what the minister promised them in "One Afternoon a Minister..."?

4. What happens when the protagonist hears someone calling his name in "The Lost Year"?

5. What does the minister promise to the workers in "One Afternoon a Minister..."?

6. How does the narrator describe his treatment by Dona Bone and Don Laito when he first began staying with them in "Hand in His Pocket"?

7. How is the narrator coerced into keeping their secret in "Hand in His Pocket"?

8. What is a "vignette" and how would you describe the vignettes in And the Earth Did Not Devour Him?

9. What does the woman present as a trade in "A Prayer"?

10. How is the cemetery described in "It's That It Hurts"?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Why is the father obsessed with boxing in "The Little Burnt Victims"? What symbolism is associated with this obsession in the story? What becomes of the Garcia family?

Essay Topic 2

Who is swindled by the portrait dealer in "The Portrait"? Why is this so concerning for this character? How does he go about achieving retribution for his having been swindled?

Essay Topic 3

Why does the minister come talk to the laborers in "One Afternoon a Minister..."? What does he promise them? Why do the laborers never receive the promise made by the minister?

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