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Tomás Rivera
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. For how long does the woman say she has not heard from her son in "She Had Fallen Asleep..."?
(a) Two weeks.
(b) Two months.
(c) Six weeks.
(d) Three months.

2. Why is the narrator upset that Don Laito and Dona Bone made him work in the yard?
(a) His brother was allowed to work in the house.
(b) It was too hot outside.
(c) The paid him only 50 cents per day.
(d) His dad had payed his board.

3. Why does the narrator say he did not sleep the first night at Don Laito and Dona Bone's home in "Hand in His Pocket"?
(a) He was scared of rats.
(b) He was scared of spiders.
(c) He was bitten by fleas.
(d) He was scared of ghosts.

4. The narrator in "It's That It Hurts" says that he thinks it all started when he got what?
(a) Slapped across the face by the teacher.
(b) Drunk in class.
(c) Angry and embarrassed at the same time.
(d) Happy and content at the same time.

5. Where does the protagonist live with his family in "A Silvery Night"?
(a) A brick house.
(b) A chicken shack.
(c) A log cabin.
(d) A teepee.

6. What is Don Laito's real name, according to the narrator in "Hand in His Pocket"?
(a) Don Julio.
(b) Don Ramiro.
(c) Don Hilario.
(d) Don Marquez.

7. What does the woman tell the children to watch out for as they cross the bridge in "It's That It Hurts"?
(a) Snakes.
(b) The train.
(c) River trolls.
(d) Passing cars.

8. What always happens when the central figure of "The Lost Year" turns see who is calling his name?
(a) He hears the sound of the ocean calling out to him.
(b) He turns to find his father staring at him.
(c) He falls down a breaks his ankle.
(d) He makes a complete turn and ends up in the same place.

9. Where is the water tank that the migrant workers sneak water from in "The Children Couldn't Wait"?
(a) Attached to the farmhouse.
(b) In the center of the field.
(c) On a sandy knoll.
(d) At the edge of the furrow.

10. Why does the protagonist's mother in "What His Mother Never Knew..." leave water in his room?
(a) For spirits.
(b) For the dog.
(c) In case he is thirsty during the night.
(d) For the cat.

11. What is Dona Bone's real name, according to the narrator in "Hand in His Pocket"?
(a) Dona Julio.
(b) Dona Ramiro.
(c) Dona Andreas.
(d) Dona Bonifacia.

12. What does the boy tell his father he will do in order to sneak water from the tank in "The Children Couldn't Wait"?
(a) Pretend to take water to the cattle.
(b) Pretend he is having a heat stroke.
(c) Connect a hose to the tank.
(d) Pretend he is relieving himself.

13. How does the narrator of "The Lost Year" say it always begins for the central figure?
(a) With a song.
(b) With the wind.
(c) With a shadow.
(d) With a dream.

14. What does the woman tell the dump man to say if he comes to see what they are doing in "It's That It Hurts"?
(a) That they are looking for a lost jacket.
(b) That they came to throw away some stuff.
(c) That they are looking for second-hand clothing.
(d) That they are looking for food.

15. Where does the narrator describe his family as staying in "It's That It Hurts"?
(a) The north.
(b) The south.
(c) The east.
(d) The west.

Short Answer Questions

1. The narrator in "The Children Couldn't Wait" describes the time of year as being the beginning of what month?

2. On what day of the week does the narrator describe the ladies picking lice from each other's heads by the chicken coop in "It's That It Hurts"?

3. What did the boss do when the narrator's father told him what the narrator will be when he grows up in "It's That It Hurts"?

4. The boy who has bullied the narrator in "It's That It Hurts" told him that he did not like Mexicans for what reason?

5. When does the protagonist in "A Silvery Night" decide to summon the devil?

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