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Short Answer Questions

1. What product do Stewart and Ludwig begin to manufacture in "1894-1895"?

2. In the chapter titled "1913," what natural disaster in the area causes the families to worry about loved ones cut off in other parts of the region?

3. In the chapter titled "1930-1932," who admits that she is losing her ability to recall names?

4. Who decides to go to Germany to study music as an antidote to her unrequited love?

5. In the chapter titled "1898," what does the club celebrate with a party?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Johnny expresses interest in becoming a doctor like his father, what does John tell him?

2. After Sally's death, who moves in with Anne and why?

3. How does Amanda feel when Arianna runs away from home?

4. What does Tucker realize about his own parents' relationship and their divorce when he becomes an adult?

5. Explain the circumstances that lead to John's death. How does he die?

6. Who does Melissa Patton marry, and why does she continue to work afterward?

7. How does Julia feel during her pregnancy, and what choice does she make after giving birth?

8. Why, upon her death, does Eliza leave her portion of the family home to Ruhamah?

9. Christina met her husband while acting in a play. How does Christina feel about plays when Arianna runs away?

10. How does Julia use her baby to refuse social dictates?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Define exposition and discuss the exposition of this novel. What does the reader learn from the exposition in ...and Ladies of the Club? Is the information consistent throughout the book, or does it change? Explain your answer and reasoning.

Essay Topic 2

What interests and experiences of the author's own life might be drawn upon for inspiration in ...and Ladies of the Club? Explain your answers, giving an overview of the author's life.

Essay Topic 3

Identify and discuss three points of foreshadowing from the novel. Did the author use foreshadowing effectively? Why or why not? Define foreshadowing in your essay as well.

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