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Cast the Movie

If you were a casting agent for a film version of the novel, whom would you select to play the roles? List all the characters from the book, then name the actor/actress who would portray the character best in your eyes.

Write a Song

Write a song about living in Waynesboro or being a member of the club. Perform it for your class.

Host a Talk Show

Name your "televised" talk show. Anne and Sally will be your guests. Prepare two promos to run as commercials to let people know who will be your guests. Then, record an interview with a person you select to be Ann and Sally. Upload to YouTube, Flickr, or another free account.

Taffy Pull

Have a taffy pull, just like Johnny Gordon hosted.


Play charades in class, using the characters, events, theme, motifs, etc from the novel.

Make a Skit

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