--and Ladies of the Club Character Descriptions

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Anne Alexander Gordon

This college valedictorian marries a doctor and has a child who dies of rheumatic fever.

Sally Cochran Rausch

This character develops painful arthritis in old age and doesn't tell many people.

Amanda Reid

This character develops an attitude of superiority to other club members and ends up dying alone.

Caroline Gardiner

This reclusive character only joins the club to network on behalf of her nephew.

Lavinia Gardiner

This character's first great-niece is named for her.

Douglas Gardiner

This character's shyness is due to a club foot.

John Gordon

This character is not a confident doctor.

Ellen Lowrey Tyler

This character is an algebra teacher.

Louisa Tucker Deming

This founding club member's status is changed to honorary when the family moves to Washington.

Agatha Pinney

This spinster gets hooked on opium.

Susan Crenshaw

This founding club member teaches Latin and Greek at the college.

Ludwig Rausch

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