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• The graduation ceremony for the Waynesboro Female College of 1868 includes a speech by General Deming.

• The graduation ceremony is lengthy and ends with a valedictory speech by Anne Alexander, who talks about the futures that lie in store for the graduates.

• Following the graduation event, Anne and Sallyare are ordered to the office of Mrs. Lowrey.

• Mrs. Lowrey tells Anne and Sally that there are plans to start a literary club that will be called the Waynesboro Women's Club. Along with Mrs. Lowrey, and apparently in on the plan, are Agatha Pinney, Louisa Tucker, and Susan Crenshaw.
• In the first chapter titled "1868," summer passes quickly toward the fall and the first planned meeting of the club.

• Amanda Reid returns home from Oberlin College, having completed her degree and preparing to teach in Waynesboro to repay her debt.

• Amanda has a reunion visit with Thomasina Ballard, a...

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