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Deborah Spungen
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Short Answer Questions

1. What news publication did the Spungens finally speak to?

2. What condition made Nancy unable to have children?

3. What Philadelphia club was Sid suppose to play at after Nancy's murder?

4. Who called Deborah on Sid's behalf after Nancy was murdered?

5. What restaurant did Nancy want to take Sid to for dinner while visiting the Spungens?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did the POMC help Frank and Deborah come to terms with Nancy's death?

2. How did the Spungens become involved with the Parents of Murdered Children group?

3. How were Sid and Nancy behaving when Frank delivered their belongings from London?

4. What did the Sex Pistols do during concerts that made them so sensational?

5. What happened to Sid's career after the Sex Pistols had broken up?

6. Why did Nancy's parents want her to move to New York?

7. How did Nancy spend Hanukkah/Christmas before moving to London?

8. How did Deborah feel when she found out about Sid's death?

9. What happened to Nancy's first job?

10. How did the media treat Nancy as the Sex Pistols gained more fame?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What steps did the Spungens take to help other "Nancys"? Why did the Spungens want to help others? How did they provide emotional support to families who were touched by their child's murder? How did Frank and Deborah provide financial support to families struggling with drugs?

Essay Topic 2

What is the significance of the title of this book? In your essay, explain how Deborah got to know the line, "And I don't want to live this life." What does this quote mean? How is it significant to the life story of Nancy Spungen? Who said it? Why was it important to Deborah? Provide textual evidence from the book that supports this as an appropriate title for Nancy's life story.

Essay Topic 3

Write an essay that explores the way Frank and Deborah Spungen handled Nancy's escalating behavior. How were Frank and Deborah's approaches to Nancy different in the beginning of her life? What effect did Nancy's behavior have on Frank and Deborah's relationship? How were Frank and Deborah treated by those from whom they sought help? How did this treatment continue even in Nancy's death?

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