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Deborah Spungen
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Short Answer Questions

1. Why did Nancy leave the first school she attended in the Darlington school system?

2. Why did Nancy attack her mother with a hammer?

3. What musical did the Spungens see that inspired Nancy's love of rock and roll?

4. What was Nancy arrested for over Thanksgiving break in college?

5. What did the Spungens name their second daughter?

Short Essay Questions

1. What was Nancy's relationship like with the Bebees, and how did she react when they were no longer with her?

2. How did Deborah's mother feel about her pregnancy with Nancy?

3. In what ways did Nancy control the house as a small child?

4. Describe Nancy's temper tantrums as a toddler and how people handled them differently.

5. What did Nancy declare to her parents in Chapter 12 about her death?

6. Why was Nancy arrested in Colorado, and how did her parents rescue her?

7. Where was Nancy placed after she attacked her mother with a hammer, and how did the Spungens feel about her placement?

8. Why did Nancy get angry with her mother when she bought a box of Saran Wrap? What did she do in response?

9. Why did the Spungens want Suzy and Nancy to share a room and what happened?

10. What did Deborah do for work when David started nursery school?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What steps did the Spungens take to help other "Nancys"? Why did the Spungens want to help others? How did they provide emotional support to families who were touched by their child's murder? How did Frank and Deborah provide financial support to families struggling with drugs?

Essay Topic 2

In what ways did Nancy's murder bring the Spungens closer as a family? How did Suzy and David react to Nancy's death? How did they deal with their grief? How did the Spungens support their children after Nancy's murder? How did the grief process evolve for the family?

Essay Topic 3

Write an essay that explores the relationship between Deborah Spungen and her daughter Nancy. How did Nancy's early medical history bond mother and daughter? Why did Deborah feel responsible for Nancy's issues? In what ways did Deborah support her daughter? Did Deborah enable Nancy's destructive behavior? What was their relationship like toward the end of Nancy's life? How did Nancy continue to confide in her mother? What responsibilities did Deborah feel towards her daughter?

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