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Deborah Spungen
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did Nancy get frustrated when making a bead bracelet with girls from the neighborhood?
(a) The beads fell off the wire.
(b) Her friends where mean to her.
(c) She did not get the colors she wanted.
(d) She wanted to play another game.

2. What ward was Nancy placed in when she was admitted to the psychiatric hospital?
(a) She was in isolation.
(b) Prison ward.
(c) Children's ward.
(d) Women's ward.

3. What did the Spungens demand the psychiatric hospital to do when they realized Nancy was in the wrong ward?
(a) Transfer her to the juvenile ward.
(b) Transfer her to another hospital.
(c) Release Nancy.
(d) Transfer her to the psychiatric ward.

4. What did Nancy have to do before attending college?
(a) Take summer school classes.
(b) Finish therapy.
(c) Get a drug test.
(d) Go to rehab.

5. Who helped Nancy's parents buy a semi-detached house?
(a) A family friend.
(b) Frank's new boss.
(c) Frank's parents.
(d) Deborah's mother.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Nancy returned to school after the elderly couple was gone, how did Nancy react?

2. Why did Dr. Cott not treat Nancy?

3. Whose office did Nancy destroy in a fit of rage?

4. What medical problems did Nancy have when she was first born?

5. How did Deborah's doctors react to her concerns about Nancy when she was born?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Nancy's temper tantrums as a toddler and how people handled them differently.

2. How did Nancy's time at the Lakeside Campus of the Darlington school system change her behavior?

3. Where was Nancy placed after she attacked her mother with a hammer, and how did the Spungens feel about her placement?

4. How did Dr. Cott disappoint Nancy and Deborah?

5. What did Dr. Blake's evaluation of Nancy say was the root of her problems? How did this make the Spungens feel?

6. How did Nancy respond when she was first introduced to rock and roll?

7. What happened when Nancy took the medication Atarax?

8. What was the Darlington Institute?

9. How did Deborah's mother feel about her pregnancy with Nancy?

10. In what ways did Nancy control the house as a small child?

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