And I Don't Want to Live This Life Short Essay - Answer Key

Deborah Spungen
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Short Essay Questions Key

1. How did Deborah Spungen's grief prompt her to write this book?

Deborah wanted to write this book for several reasons. First, she wanted to tell Nancy's story. Many things were reported in the press, and Deborah wanted to set the record straight about her daughter and the person she blamed for Nancy's death. The attention by the press to Nancy, both before and after her death, brought many lies and misinformation. Also, she wrote this book as a way to heal from the grief of losing her daughter. Deborah talks in detail about how she struggled to mourn for Nancy. She also speaks about a responsibility she felt to help the other "Nancys" out there. Deborah says she had to warn the other parents so they that could be spared from the nightmare she was living. This process helped Deborah to say goodbye to her daughter.

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